How to create a branded hashtag

Branded hashtags

Create your own terms to support your personal brand. Do you have your own branded hashtag? It could help your business stand out and provides an easy way for followers to spread the word about you. I use branded hashtags to give labels to some of my content on social media. You can do the […]

LinkedIn creator mode

LinkedIn creator mode

“Creator mode” is a set of LinkedIn profile features launched in March 2021, to support content creators. It’s a single option to enable but results in a few changes being applied to your profile. “Over 11 million members have turned on LinkedIn creator mode since its launch in March of 2021.” Source: LinkedIn Ads blog, […]

LinkedIn: followers versus connections

LinkedIn followers versus connections

What is the difference between a LinkedIn follower and a connection? This clip from my LinkedIn Sofa series explains what a LinkedIn follower is and how that differs from a LinkedIn connection:

LinkedIn shares don’t work

LinkedIn shares don't work

Comment & react instead: it’s much better for LinkedIn engagement. Most people think that using LinkedIn’s Share button is a good way to spread the word about posts they like or find useful. But LinkedIn shares don’t receive many views. In fact, sharing a LinkedIn post is about the worst way for you to help […]

How to be a good podcast guest

In 2019, I remember aiming to be a guest on 12 podcasts. I’ve now done 60 guest podcast appearances. Here are my best tips for how to be a good podcast guest. Follow this advice to stand the best chance of getting a podcast host’s attention and becoming a great guest for their audio or […]

How to record LinkedIn post stats

Log your LinkedIn post analytics to help you do more of what works. Do text posts work best for you? Do you get more comments from video posts? What are your most popular posts? It’s important to know what works on LinkedIn so that you can post content that’s effective for your audience. This post […]

LinkedIn voice notes

LinkedIn voice notes

I’ve loved sending and receiving LinkedIn voice notes since they debuted in July 2018. Here’s why you might want to give them a whirl. Introduction What LinkedIn voice notes look like Voice note limits When to send voice notes Sending voice notes to non-connections Voice note downsides? Voice note glitches that LinkedIn ought to fix […]

How long does it take to write a blog post?

How much time does it take to write a blog post? Some people seem to rattle off content in minutes. Other people agonise over it for weeks. So, what’s the truth? How long does writing a blog post take? Let’s look at some stats.

Recommended copywriters

Recommended copywriters

Hire a copywriter. I’m now focusing on my LinkedIn consultancy work and my Espresso+ community for small business owners, which means I’m taking on very few copywriting projects. If you need a professional writer, check out my list of recommended colleagues below. All names are listed alphabetically by surname. All links point to the corresponding […]

LinkedIn link click experiment

LinkedIn link click experiment

Research at the end of 2021 by Richard van der Blom suggested that the best place to share external links on LinkedIn was directly within the body of shortform posts. So, I decided to do a short experiment in November and December 2021 to find out how many times links in my posts were actually […]

LinkedIn post anatomy

LinkedIn post anatomy

This post is my step-by-step formula for writing my short-form LinkedIn posts. I do this below by chunking up a real sample LinkedIn post. Listen to this advice shared in the May 2020 edition of the LinkedIn Sofa, part of the You Are The Media podcast: Headline Body content Subheadings Lists and emojis Links Tagging […]

LinkedIn commenting tips

LinkedIn commenting top tips

Writing substantial comments is the best way to boost your visibility on LinkedIn. This article will give you tips to leave comments that help you get noticed, remembered and preferred. Top 10 LinkedIn commenting tips Annotated example LinkedIn comments Advanced LinkedIn comment tips Let’s wrap up Top 10 LinkedIn commenting tips. Here are some commenting […]

LinkedIn starter guide

LinkedIn starter guide

How to improve your LinkedIn profile for 2023. Let’s look at the basics of producing the best LinkedIn profile, building your presence on the platform and using the search field to look for good leads. For my best thinking on doing the right things on LinkedIn, check out my LinkedIn course. MUST READ – new […]

Video Reply Day

Video Reply Day experiment

On 10 June 2021, I tried an experimental LinkedIn post where I offered to reply with a video to all questions in the comments. Here are all 40 questions and my video responses, along with some useful additional resources. (I normally add captions to all my videos. These were intended as quick replies and so […]

How to personalise LinkedIn mobile invitations

Personalising LinkedIn mobile invitations

In my November 2020 experiment, 71% of LinkedIn invitations I received arrived without a note. This is a missed opportunity to make a good impression. Common questions that run through my mind when people don’t send a note with their invitation: Why does the other person want to connect? Are they just playing a numbers […]

LinkedIn view counts explained

LinkedIn view counts explained

Not all LinkedIn views are equal. On LinkedIn, not all views count the same way. Let’s look at how they differ and what sort of views really matter. My current view stats are shown below. You’ll have to read the rest of the post to understand the differences!

How to post documents on LinkedIn

LinkedIn document posts

How to add Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents to your LinkedIn posts. Document posts (sometimes incorrectly referred to as carousels or sliders) perform really well for me on LinkedIn. Check out the bottom row of my latest stats here: Here’s how to add a document to a LinkedIn post. LinkedIn document posts can contain PDFs, […]

Copywriting rates

Copywriting rates survey results

Here are some results from the ProCopywriters survey since 2016. Average day rate for copywriting Average annual earnings for freelance copywriters Preferred pricing models for copywriting Gender pay gap for copywriting Full ProCopywriters survey results More about copywriting prices Average day rate for copywriting. I quote a day rate (currently ) on my Pricing page […]

LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn company pages

They suck but you probably still need one. Should you create a LinkedIn a company page? And if you do, should you post from your company page or from your own personal feed? Get to the point. LinkedIn company pages have limited value. Yes, you should have one – but do almost all of your […]

How to get freelance copywriting work

Tips for freelance copywriters

Top tips for new freelance copywriters looking for work. I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2009, and a lot of newbies come to me for advice on how to find copywriting projects. Here’s my best advice for getting your freelance copywriting career up and running. Get to the point. Most of copywriting comes down to […]