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Kind words by subscribers I haven’t bribed.

Hal DeHaven
Hal DeHaven
Technical writer
Hal DeHaven

I am taking particular note of your blogging tips.

The concepts are often relevant to many other forms of communication as well.

Martin Huntbach
Martin Huntbach
Web designer
Jammy Digital

The amount knowledge John has around technical writing is phenomenal.

He also shares hints and tips about online marketing too and I've already learned so much.

Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Virtual assistant coach

If you haven't already you really should sign up to John's newsletters.

They are so practical, useful and the best bit – actionable.

Annie Deakins
Annie Deakins

John, I love your updates. They keep me informed of the latest trends.

I don't know how you keep up with it all and still have a life!

Tanya Preston
Tanya Preston
Editor and writer
Preston Editorial

I like how everything I need to know about your post is contained within this email.

Read, absorb, action – perfect for me.

Kim Smith
Kim Smith
Freelance editor
Kim's Net Solutions

As an editor I really loved this.

Succinct, punchy and informative.

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