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Here’s a quick look at some results from the Professional Copywriters’ Network’s survey results since 2016.

Average day rate for copywriting

I quote a day rate (currently £500) on my Pricing page as a guide, but my preference is to provide a flat project fee.

Don’t forget that good quality writing can be hugely valuable to your business. Pay your copywriter what they’re worth.

Year Day rate
2019 £349
2018 £342
2017 £339
2016 £337

Average annual earnings for freelance copywriters

The typical freelance copywriter earns a decent salary but isn’t swimming in cash.

Year Annual earnings
2019 £37,585
2018 £45,757
2017 £36,012
2016 £39,883

Preferred pricing models

Most copywriters prefer flat project fees. This is also my preferred pricing model. Learn more about pricing models

Year Flat fee Per day/hour Per word
2019 59% 40% 1%
2018 63% 36% 1%
2017 58% 41% 1%
2016 55% 43% 2%

Gender pay gap for copywriting

This is the reported gender pay gap for freelance copywriters. Not very cool, especially as most of the best copywriters I know are women.

Year Men Women Gap
2019 £44,876 £34,310 30%
2018 £52,055 £41,248 21%
2017 £48,564 £34,803 28%
2016 £44,753 £34,865 22%

Full PCN survey results

Download past PCN surveys here:

More about copywriting prices

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