What to expect (and what not to expect)

Here’s what you’ll get by sticking around and reading my content on

This isn’t like a political manifesto. I actually mean it.

✅ Relentlessly helpful content

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If you want to write better content, improve your web presence or be smarter on LinkedIn, you’re in the right place.

✅ Simple, clear language

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I won’t use big words or long sentences to sound clever.

I make things simple to understand.

✅ Transparent pricing

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I don’t hide my prices.

Check out my pricing page for the low-down.

✅ Useful referrals

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If I’m not available to handle a writing job, I’ll hook you up with someone.

Check out my recommended copywriters page.

✅ Captions on videos

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Did you know that more than 80% of all videos are played with the sound off?

All my videos have captions so that you don’t have to turn on sound to understand what I’m saying.

❌ No spam

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I send helpful content to people on my Espresso ☕️ email list.

There’s no stinking hosepipe of spammy sludge here.

❌ No sales

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No arm-twisting. No guilt-tripping. No pushy “buy buy buy”.

If you want to hire me to write some content, please get in touch.

❌ No adverts

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There are no banner ads or sponsored content.

I include some affiliate links for services I use and like.

I don’t promote stuff unless I believe in it.

❌ No guest posts

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Everything on here is stuff I’ve written myself.

I don’t accept guest post submissions.

❌ No copying

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Stealing isn’t cool. I don’t copy other people’s homework.

Check your writing for plagiarism with this free tool: Copyscape.

❌ No popups

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I hate popups and “welcome mats” – those things that slide over the whole screen.

You get my content without interruption.

❌ No image carousels

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You know those moving image galleries I’m talking about.

Never on this site.

❌ No clickbait headlines

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“What Tarquin did next amazed everyone.”

Good for him. I don’t write junk.

Learn more: How to write good headlines

❌ No personal rambling

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You’re not here to learn about my “journey”.

I share helpful hints and tips – and not much else.

❌ No gated content

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I won’t force you to sign up to my mailing list.

If you want my direct help, I charge for my time.

Otherwise, all my goodies are free and available to all.

And finally, I don’t do any of the stuff mentioned here:

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Who wrote this?

John Espirian freelance technical copywriter

John Espirian – the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter

I write B2B web content, blogs, user guides and case studies – all aimed at explaining how your products, services and processes work. I also offer LinkedIn profile critiquing and rewriting.

I work from home in Newport, South Wales and support the (formerly) mighty Liverpool FC 🔴⚽️