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About this book

For more than a decade, I’ve written for clients who need helpful content that creates visibility and generates revenue.

Content DNA is your handbook for defining the unique “shape” of your business, so that you can build a presence that’s noticed, remembered and preferred.

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Ever heard DNA by Little Mix? Check out this slice of fun by the wonderful Ryan Anderson.

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Review snippets

I’m trying very hard to find something I don’t like. But I can’t. Sorry.

Just read the book, damn it. It’s just really useful.

Lois Cliff

Judith Rafferty

I’ve been an avid student here on LinkedIn since stumbling across Content DNA by chance just after lockdown started.
I never thought it could be game changing for me.
But, it has been and is. Enquiries. New clients. Collaborators.

Judith Rafferty

Mike Cottam
John’s relentlessly helpful advice is delivered with humour and in a tone that makes reading the book a pure joy.

Mike Cottam

Sara Donaldson

I can honestly say I loved it.

And I think it will become a go-to reference guide for people serious about building a great business that stays true to the core building blocks they’re going to create as a result of reading it.

Sara Donaldson

Rebecca Catterall

In 20+ years I have come across many self proclaimed experts – but John – he’s the real deal. 

His writing style is wonderfully warm and it’s like having a chat with a friend.

Rebecca Catterall

Keith Johnson

Content is king, even today. John’s book does justice to this fact. 

I highly recommend this book for not only writers, but everyone who works with content in one way or another.

Keith Johnson

Synne Lindén
Content DNA has given me clarity, calm and confidence in pivoting my business and I’m so thankful to John for writing it.

Synne Lindén

Bisma Hashmi

My own business is living proof that John’s content marketing strategies work wonders.

The content is simple to digest and the writing style is thoroughly enjoyable.

Bisma Hashmi

David Withington

I’ve read many books which try to get you to change things. Few do that. But Content DNA did. 

I now have a new website tagline which reflects who I am. 

It was worth the price of the book just for that.

David Withington

Here’s Phil Fraser – the Business Sounding Board – talking about the “30-month mindset” I mention in the book:

Happy Readers

I’ve received 170+ selfies from happy readers, including this cool bunch:

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