Recommended copywriters – UK and international.

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Need to hire a copywriter to write content for your business?

Here’s my list of go-to UK and international copywriters. If I’m not available, these guys and girls will sort you out.

  • All links point to the corresponding LinkedIn profile.
  • All these copywriters write content in English.
  • No one paid to be on this list, and I don’t use any paid referral schemes.
  • The ordering has nothing to do with these copywriters’ abilities.
  • Don’t expect cheap. Do expect good.
  • I’m not including every copywriter I know, because listing 200+ people probably wouldn’t be helpful.

UK copywriters.

Name Skills/topics
Suzanne Al-Gayaar branding & content strategy, interior design, pets & equestrian
Sara Bussandri B2C blog writing & re-purposing from audio/video
Megan Douglas business, charity, public sector
Victoria Doxat white papers, expert articles & thought leadership communications
Matthew Drzymala weddings, speech writing, audio/music, health & construction
Eleanor Goold email copywriting, brand storytelling, small businesses & entrepreneurs
Anna Gunning technology, industry, property & professional services
Gareth Hancock tech (SaaS), marketing, B2C
David Hartshorne tech copywriter for personal brands, marketing teams & digital agencies
Bisma Hashmi sci-tech, engineering & construction, marketing
Claire Hawes B2B (IT, finance), case studies, websites
Jo Johnston NGOs/charities, B2B & public sector – non-native English expert
Geraldine Jones B2B/B2C, web content, blogging
Emma Lander technology, knowledge documentation & wellness
Ben Masters corporate ads & brochures
Sally Mayor B2B, websites & white papers
Andrew Nattan voiceover scripts, email copy & website content
Laura Parker content design & UX writing
Kristina Proffitt video scripts, email campaigns & sales copy
Vikki Ross branding & tone of voice, TV & movie advertising
Laura Sands marketing, social media, websites, blogs
André Spiteri fintech, marketing, hospitality
Sarah Townsend B2B/B2C, copywriting strategy & tone of voice, websites

International copywriters.

I’ve added geographic locations here in case that’s helpful. Remember that these are English language copywriters.

Name Skills/topics
Lindy Alexander
B2B/B2C blog posts & articles on health, recruitment, business
Vikki Maver
not-for-profits, fundraising, tertiary education
Angela Rodgers
B2B, outsourcing, website copy, ghostblogging
Rachael Pilcher
New Zealand
B2B, SaaS, conversion copywriting
Rebecca Whitlocke
yachting, travel, luxury events
Gill Andrews
conversion copywriter for personal brands, consultancies & digital agencies
Heidi Medina
food, travel, healthy living
Adel Brown
health, wellness & fitness
Michal Eisikowitz
B2B website copy + strategy, specialising in SaaS
Schelley Cassidy
resumes, editing, proofreading, technical writing & creative docs
Chavy Helfgott
web copy, product descriptions & branding for ecommerce & new product launches

John Espirian.

John Espirian

I write clear, engaging and fun B2B content that helps your customers understand how your products, services and processes work.

I can also help you build your presence on LinkedIn.

My book is Content DNA.

Espresso: digital caffeine by email.

Regular tips to improve your web content & LinkedIn presence.
Always under 200 words.

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