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You can do both. It’s best to publish content on your blog first and then republish on LinkedIn. See my article on blog republishing.

The current industry average is around 4 hours. For an in-depth blog post, I often take 8 hours or more to write mine. These articles are intended to stick around for a long time, so I think they’re worth the effort.

There is no ideal length but the average length reported in the 2019 Orbit Media Studios survey of bloggers was 1236 words.

My best-performing blog posts tend to be 2000–3000 words long.

New copywriters approach me for help all the time.

I’ve written an article with my best tips for them to establish themselves and find freelance work:

How do I get freelance copywriting work?



My free LinkedIn starter guide contains tips on getting your profile right and starting to share content that will help you get noticed.

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Don’t put links directly into your LinkedIn posts. Doing so restricts the reach of your content.

Instead, use the write-post-edit method as a way to include links to your external content. 

Find out more here:

How to share links the right way on LinkedIn

The real answer is to create a clear personal brand, create content in line with your values and then show up long enough for others to notice you. I talk about this in my book, Content DNA.

For some more immediate tips, see the guidance here:

LinkedIn engagement guide

I have lots of free content to help you in my LinkedIn Learner Lounge.

If you want all my best thinking in one place, check out my online LinkedIn course.

For 1-to-1 profile help, look at my LinkedIn support page.

If you need a consultation, book a call.

External content.

My blog acts as my portfolio but I’ve also written content for other websites.

See my external written content

I’ve been interviewed on more than 20 podcasts. I usually talk about copywriting, LinkedIn and Content DNA.

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I don’t have my own podcast but I do contribute regularly to the monthly You Are The Media podcast. My LinkedIn Sofa slot contains a quick tip about how to use LinkedIn better.

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Espresso: digital caffeine in your inbox.

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Always fewer than 200 words.

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Content DNA.

All my best tips on how to define your brand identity and create content that helps you get noticed, remembered and preferred.

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Let me save you the time and energy of producing your own content.

I’ve written for small and large businesses since 2009,
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John’s Copy Fix showed me what I couldn’t see on my website. The comments and feedback made perfect sense and improved my copy so much.

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