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My podcast appearances on spotify

All Good Copy ep. 17 Being Freelance ep. 203 The Business of You s1 ep. 34 Business Growth Show ep. 135 Connect The Dots ep. 21 Connect The Dots ep. 44 Content Byte s4 ep. 4 Content Marketing Engineered s1 ep. 48 Courageous Content s1 ep. 186 Crossing the Content Chasm s1 ep. 7 The Editing Podcast s4 ep. 3 The Effective Marketing Podcast ep. 82 Foote Notes ep. 14 Freelance Heroes ep. 38 Fuel Podcast ep. 50 The Global Discussion Good Copy Bad Copy ep. 97 Hank's Marketing and Business Tips ep. 262 Hank's Marketing and Business Tips ep. 263 How I Got Hired ep. 25 The Human Conversation ep. 46 Insight Out s1 ep. 55 The Janet Murray Show ep. 209 The Janus Oasis s3 ep.20 LinkedInForBusiness ep. 139 Linkedinformed ep. 252 Linkedinformed ep. 292 Linkedinformed ep. 333 Linkedinformed ep. 348 Linkedinformed ep. 365 Linkedinformed ep. 375 LinkedIn Easy Peasy ep. 7 LinkedIn Easy Peasy ep. 48 LinkedIn Smart ep. 33 Make It Real s1 ep. 3 Make It Real s2 ep. 15 Marketing and Finance ep. 114 The Marketing Hub ep. 13 The Marketing Book Podcast ep. 288 Marketing Meeting ep. 13 Marketing Study Lab ep. 32 Marketing Study Lab ep. 113 Marketing That Converts ep. 108 Not-Boring Tech Writer ep. 9 Not-Boring Tech Writer ep. 37 PivotMe ep. 116 Profitable Happiness s4 ep. 182 The Purpose-Led Leadership Podcast s2 ep. 47 Reputation Revolution s4 ep. 182 Raw and Real ep. 8 Spiderworking Blogcentric ep. 19 The Great Speech Podcast s4 ep. 26 Talking Through My Hat ep. 13 TubbTalk ep. 53 Twitter Smarter ep. 44 Weiss Advice ep. 62

I’ve also made about 20 guest appearances on the
You Are The Media podcast.

Listen to them on my LinkedIn Sofa page.

Looking to be a podcast guest

Having been on 60+ podcasts, I’ve written a post on how to be a good podcast guest.

It’s worth a read if you ever get a chance to get a guest spot on one of the shows above, or indeed any other podcast.

I’ve been on over
60+ podcasts

LinkedIn Live interviews

If all those weren’t enough, I’ve also been a guest on some LinkedIn Live videos here

Tiina Jarvet

28 June 2021

Sebestian Ong

29 June 2021

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I’m a knowledgeable and fun podcast guest who enjoys talking about copywriting, technical writing, proofreading, content marketing and social media.

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