Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn company page

Yes, probably – even though they’re a bit rubbish

Should you create a LinkedIn company page? If you do, should you post from your LinkedIn company page or from your own personal feed?

These are common questions from my LinkedIn connections and Espresso ☕️ subscribers.

Summary for busy people

LinkedIn company pages have limited value. Yes, you should have one – but do almost all of your posting from your personal feed.

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What is the value of creating a LinkedIn company page?

These are the main benefits of having a LinkedIn company page:

✅ LinkedIn company pages make you look authoritative

Some potential clients want the reassurance of knowing that you’re a ‘proper’ business. A LinkedIn company page doesn’t prove that at all, but if it helps some people to trust you more, you should have one.

Inquisitive searchers may want to know who else works for your business. A company page lets them find this out.

Having a LinkedIn company page will also give you an extra spot in Google search results, and who’s going to say no to that?

LinkedIn company page in Google search results

LinkedIn company page in Google search results

Look at my LinkedIn profile and you’ll see the blue and white logo next to my Espirian business. That’s there because of my company page. The logo also appears in the Experience section of my profile.

Here’s a quick video to show how I added my logo to my company page. This example includes an animated logo, but it’s fine if yours is a static image.

✅ LinkedIn company pages let you feature your best content

Do post your very best content on your company page, because that item will be featured if anyone ever visits the page.

An example of a featured post on my LinkedIn company page

An example of a featured post on my LinkedIn company page
(click to enlarge)

If you’re eager, you could post all your external content on your company page. (The LinkedIn algorithm doesn’t seem to penalise links on company page posts the same way it does on personal profiles.) I haven’t bothered to do this.

To make sure your best content doesn’t get lost in your company page stream, click the menu in the top-right corner of the post and click Pin to top.

Pin to top feature on a LinkedIn company page post

Pin your best post to the top of your LinkedIn company page

✅ LinkedIn company pages let you run LinkedIn ad campaigns

Don’t speak to me about LinkedIn ads. I tried them and they failed miserably.

People who know about social media advertising say that LinkedIn has one of the highest costs per click for its ads. Proceed with caution if you’re going to give it a try – or ask for help from someone who understands LinkedIn ads (that’s not me).

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✅ LinkedIn company pages let you share video direct from Vimeo

On 29 October 2018, LinkedIn added support for video sharing direct to company pages from paid Vimeo accounts.

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How to create a LinkedIn company page

  1. On LinkedIn desktop, click Work.
  2. Click Create a Company Page.
Click Work | Create a Company Page

Click Work | Create a Company Page

  1. Enter a company name. (The URL field will be filled automatically.)
  2. Tick the verification box.
  3. Click Create page.
Enter a company name

Enter a company name

  1. Edit the following page to complete the fields.
Complete the fields to fill out the company page

Complete the fields to fill out the company page
(click to expand)

You can then view the final edited page:

  1. Click Me.
  2. Click Company: [your company name].
View the completed company page via the Me menu.

View the completed company page via the Me menu.

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Should I post on my LinkedIn company page or my own personal feed?

I wouldn’t recommend posting regularly on your company page. Once in a while is OK but it’s best to post from your personal feed. That’s where all the engagement happens.

As you shouldn’t expect much engagement from LinkedIn company page posts, this is one place where it’s OK to post links to your external blog posts and other resources. I normally caution against this practice on personal feeds (see How to share links on LinkedIn), but it’s OK on company pages.

When someone engages on your company page activity, the notifications don’t appear in your main Notifications tab. Instead, you need to go to the company page and see the notifications there. This means it’s easy to miss interactions.

LinkedIn company page notifications

LinkedIn company page notifications

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Do LinkedIn company pages work?

I don’t think so. If you want engagement, focus on your personal profile. Even if you have lots of people in your business, you’ll reach more people by empowering your staff to post on their personal profiles.

Check out LinkedIn’s top 10 business pages of 2018. They’re all terrible!

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Let’s wrap up

Company pages have limited value. You should have one but don’t spend too much time on it. You’ll get better results if you focus on posting helpful content on your personal feed.

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