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Espresso+ member location
Espresso+ member location on 7 April 2024


7 April 2024

Espresso+ benefits

Discussion and networking

Get access to an exclusive discussion group and the opportunity to network with hundreds of like-minded colleagues around the world.

The community is for people with good hearts and minds. No meanies!

Before joining this group, I hated viewing my feed because I couldn't seem to find anything thought-provoking in it or any genuine conversations happening. Thanks to what I've learned over the past month, I've been able to start curating better content, and I'm actually intrigued by what's showing up in my feed. LinkedIn is slowly starting to feel less like observing a series of billboards and more like legitimate networking.

Exclusive learning content

You’ll get private videos with deep dives into LinkedIn processes I don’t share publicly.

Plus, I’ll share tips on tools and methods to save you time and strengthen your online presence.

All videos come with captions, a full transcript and an audio podcast version.

Eleanor Mitchiner
Watching you engage and support your community is a masterclass in how to build your reputation in itself.

Live Q&A calls

You get at least two 30-minute live Q&A calls on Zoom each month, to exchange ideas with members and have your questions answered by me.

One Q&A is usually in the morning UK time; the other in the evening UK time – so we can cater for Espressians from San Diego to Sydney and everything in between.

Can’t make it live? No problem – all sessions are recorded and there’s a full transcript.

Our online calendar lets you subscribe so you never miss an event!

Lynnaire Johnston
I learn more from this group than all my other sources put together. And John Espirian is just so … relentlessly helpful! I'm in for another year without any question whatsoever!

Sales & accountability

We’re all about best practice in online visibility, particularly on LinkedIn, BUT we won’t have a business to speak of unless we understand how to make sales.

Our sales & accountability Zoom calls help members to drive themselves forward – and it’s all done without the hype and marketing fluff that we see elsewhere.

This is real talk on what works in business right now.

Sarah Burgess

I've been in John's membership group since day 1 and it's so valuable to me. I paid for a 1 hour session in 2022 which I got so much out of.

We had a really useful call focusing on my target audience and how to try to start to convert my viewers to buyers. I'm slowly starting to see results after implementing some of John's suggestions.

I'd highly recommend a session and/or joining John's community.

Silent co-working

Get tasks done by joining our silent co-working calls.

These 1-hour sessions on Zoom allow us to commit to our own tasks in the chat, and then we leave our cameras on and mics off as we get on with our work.

A great way to stay accountable and be effective with your time!

Silent co-working

Content reviews

We’ll look at members’ online content to see how they could be improved, from small optimisation tweaks through to major changes in content approach.

Learn what works so you can better communicate with your audience.

This community is truly exceptional. But of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from John Espirian!

Linkedin roundups

I do a regular video and podcast roundup of all the important news and developments on LinkedIn, allowing you to catch up quickly on the latest breaking info. Check out the sample clip below.

Premium audio podcast

Want to learn on the go or simply save bandwidth?

All premium video material in the community is also available as a private audio podcast stream.

Members can listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

1-to-1 support (yearly only)

Yearly members get to book free 20-min Zoom consultation slots during “open hours” days.

Use these consultations to ask anything about your business development and online presence.

Email updates

Not everyone wants to be constantly active in a discussion group, so you’ll get a regular roundup of news and content through a private email list.

Want to keep your inbox lean? No problem – the emails are optional.

I’m following John and dedicated biz peeps to Espresso+. Annual subscription, please!

Collaboration and activities

It’s easier to create content and reach our goals when we collaborate.

I’ll suggest fun, opt-in activities to help us all practise, improve and learn from each other.

Marjolein Hoekstra
Espresso+ is where nowadays I hang out every single day, joining live shows, participating in conversations, catching up with the latest news, sharing my own latest findings, answering questions, getting advice, and actively engaging with wonderful people who embrace me with such incredible kindness.

No minimum contract

Sign up for the monthly membership and you can leave at any time, no questions asked.

Sign up for a whole year and you’ll get 12 months for the price of 10.

(Plus, with yearly membership, you and your accountant will have only one invoice to process per year instead of 12.)

Yearly and monthly members

Espresso+ yearly and monthly members
Espresso+ membership type on 7 April 2024


7 April 2024


Your membership is a legitimate professional expense that you can put through your business accounts, to reduce your tax bill.

Joining Espresso+ for a year is the equivalent of spending about £1 per day on your business.

Payments are set up automatically via a credit card or PayPal, and you’ll receive regular monthly or yearly invoices as PDFs.

There’s also a membership management page so you can check your payment history at any time.

My book

All Espresso+ members are offered a free digital copy of my book, Content DNA.

Read & listen to the first 6 chapters for free

Business Support

The whole point of this membership is for me to work closely with a group of good people who want to do better for themselves.

I’ll encourage you all the way and will keep checking in on you to ensure you’re on track.

It’s a brilliant deal and a fantastic community!
Gerri McHugh

No outsourcing

I hate memberships that rely on some underpaid community manager or – even worse – the members to help each other.

I run everything myself and will always do my best to answer questions personally.

Joining my membership means getting access to ME, exactly as you’d expect!


I’m fortunate to know a lot of talented people, and I’ve been a guest on 60+ podcasts.

Need an intro to someone with a particular skillset or interest? I can probably hook you up.

Course discount

Join Espresso+ as a yearly member and you’ll get my flagship LinkedIn Leaders Playbook course for only £99 instead of the usual £299.

Or join as a monthly member and get the course for £199.

Bonus for yearly members

Yearly members get 12 months for the price of 10.

It’s your reward for committing to taking a year of action that will develop your business.

I have received so much inspiration, advice, and encouragement in the last month in Espresso+, from John personally and other members, I can’t even begin to describe it!

So nice to get to know like-minded people in a wide range of fields, too

LinkedIn Communities

For some useful background on LinkedIn groups and communities, check out my May 2022 chat with LinkedIn expert and Espresso+ member Brenda Meller:


Any questions before you become an Espressian?
Check out the video answers below or click this link to see the full Espresso+ FAQs.

All your

Money-back guarantee

I’m confident you’ll get loads of value from becoming an Espressian.

If you feel that membership isn’t worth the entry price, I’ll give you a full refund.

Thanks to Roy Kowarski, an Espressian based in Australia, for these epic words about the value of the community:

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I’m SO grateful to be a part of this community. I’m learning loads thanks to John’s expertise and dedication to the group, and it’s great to have a community of other entrepreneurs to turn to when I need support.

Also, it’s ridiculous value for money. Like, crazy good value.


Thanks for reading,