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Espresso+ is the online community for small business owners and solopreneurs who want to build an ethical, effective online presence.

We provide a safe space for action-takers to discuss content creation, personal branding, online visibility and LinkedIn best practice.

Thanks for these kind words from Rebecca, Gus and Joanne.

What you get.

Espresso+ costs only 87p per day when you subscribe yearly.
Let's discuss

Discussion and networking.

Get access to an exclusive discussion group and the opportunity to network with hundreds of like-minded colleagues.

The community is for people with good hearts and minds. No meanies!

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Exclusive learning content.

You’ll get private videos with deep dives into LinkedIn processes I don’t share publicly.

Plus, I’ll share tips on tools and methods to save you time and strengthen your online presence.

All videos come with captions, a full transcript and an audio podcast version.

Eleanor Mitchiner

Eleanor Mitchiner.

Watching you engage and support your community is a masterclass in how to build your reputation in itself.

Video chat

Live Q&A calls.

You’ll get access to exclusive live Q&A calls on Zoom each month, to exchange ideas with members and have your questions answered by me.

Can’t make it to the live calls? No problem – all sessions are recorded.

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Content reviews.

We’ll look at members’ LinkedIn posts to see how they could be improved, from small hashtag tweaks through to major changes in content approach.

You’ll learn what works so you can better communicate with your audience.

News flash

LinkedIn roundups.

I do a regular video and podcast roundup of all the important news and developments on LinkedIn, allowing you to catch up quickly on the latest breaking info.

Karen Tisdell

Karen Tisdell.

This community is truly exceptional. But of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from John Espirian!

Listen to podcast

Premium audio podcast.

Want to learn on the go or simply save bandwidth?

All premium video material in the community is also available as a private audio podcast stream.

Members can listen via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.


Early access.

You’ll get early previews of all my LinkedIn experiments and other content as it’s being developed.

This includes insights into any premium content I create, such as books and training courses.

Kevin D Turner

Kevin D Turner.

You run the best group I’ve ever been in 15+ years on LinkedIn, John.

Email letter

Email updates.

Not everyone wants to be constantly active in a discussion group, so you’ll get a regular roundup of news and content through a private email list.

Want to keep your inbox lean? No problem – the emails are optional.

Here are more positives shared by community members Lina, Frank and Dr Lena:

Kathie York

Kathie York.

I’m following John and dedicated biz peeps to Espresso+. Annual subscription, please!


Collaboration and activities.

It’s easier to create content and reach our goals when we collaborate.

I’ll suggest fun, opt-in activities to help us all practise, improve and learn from each other.

Will do

Fast responses.

I try to be responsive to all message requests but I pay special attention to Espresso+ members.

If you send me an email or LinkedIn direct message, I’ll make sure you get a priority response.

PS. I’m a big fan of voice notes on LinkedIn. If you like them as well, we’ll be chatting a lot!

Danielle Guzman

Danielle Guzman.

Your group is AMAZING. I have never seen a group so rich in value creation, conversations, insights shared, and daily almost 24/7 support.

Espresso+ stands apart.

Book DNA

Signed book.

Yearly members get a personally signed copy of the original high-gloss print of my book, Content DNA, while stocks last.

Anyone can listen to the first 6 chapters for free.

Let's go

Business support.

The whole point of this membership is for me to work closely with a group of good people who want to do better for themselves.

I’ll encourage you all the way and will keep checking in on you to ensure you’re on track.

Cynthia Farber

Cynthia Farber.

I’m more than satisfied. I’ve received so much more than I expected. I didn’t think you’d be able to manage this so smoothly and be so personally caring.

Thank you, John. I’m learning so much.

For anyone wanting to improve their online visibility and branding, this is REAL value for money.


No outsourcing.

I hate memberships that rely on some underpaid community manager or – even worse – the members to help each other.

I run everything myself and will always do my best to answer questions personally.

Joining my membership means getting access to ME, exactly as you’d expect!

Nice to meet you


I’m fortunate to know a lot of talented people, and I’ve been a guest on more than 50 podcasts.

Need an intro to someone with a particular skillset or interest? I can probably hook you up.

LinkedIn Leader

Course discount.

Join Espresso+ today and you’ll get a £200 discount on my premium LinkedIn Leaders Playbook course.

That’s the full course for only £99 instead of the usual £299.


Bonus for yearly members.

Yearly members get 12 months for the price of 11.

It’s your reward for committing to taking a year of action that will develop your business.

Thanks for even more kind words by Tiina, Gillian and Heidi:

Joanne Taylor

Joanne Taylor.

I have received so much inspiration, advice, and encouragement in the last month in Espresso+, from John personally and other members, I can’t even begin to describe it!

So nice to get to know like-minded people in a wide range of fields, too 😊

For some useful background on LinkedIn groups and communities, check out my May 2022 chat with LinkedIn expert and Espresso+ member Brenda Meller:


Any questions before you become an Espressian? Check out the video answers below or click this link to see the full Espresso+ FAQs.

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Sarah Dodd

Sarah Dodd.

I already feel like I’ve more than got my money’s worth from my membership and it’s only week 2! Loving it.


  • I expect members to be polite to each other and not to be spammy, salesy or sleazy.
  • If you’re a douche canoe, please don’t waste my time by joining.
  • Nice people are welcome even if you work in a field that overlaps with mine. I don’t exclude “competitors” and don’t really believe in that sort of competition anyway.
  • I use ThriveCart to take recurring payments via credit card or PayPal.
  • You’ll need access to Zoom and LinkedIn (both free) to get the most from your membership.
  • You’re not allowed to share your membership access details with anyone else.
  • You’re not allowed to rebroadcast or share any content made for members unless you have my express permission.
  • You can cancel at any time by letting me know. I’ll use common sense to decide any refund claims.
  • I’m not currently VAT registered, so all invoices are without VAT.
Frank Prendergast

Frank Prendergast.

I’m SO grateful to be a part of this community. I’m learning loads thanks to John’s expertise and dedication to the group, and it’s great to have a community of other entrepreneurs to turn to when I need support.

Also, it’s ridiculous value for money. Like, crazy good value.

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Tip: nice people get a quick response.