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12 June 2021
Video Reply Day experiment

On 10 June 2021, I tried an experimental LinkedIn post where I offered to reply with a video to all questions in the comments.

Here are all 40 questions and my video responses, along with some useful additional resources.

(I normally add captions to all my videos. These were intended as quick replies and so these videos don’t have captions. Sorry!)


Alec Dorling.

Is it okay to offer your hashtags on your profile for sale or rent to others as a sort of advertising? Would this break any LinkedIn rules?

See my response

See also: LinkedIn User Agreement


Jana Radonjić.

Is there an option to delete history from the My items section?

See my response

See also: My items – though you can remove Learning items only on LinkedIn Business Premium – annoying!


Rich Blanton.

Is there a way to edit a post to add a picture after you’ve posted without deleting and re-posting?

See my response


Gus Bhandal.

What top tips do you have to grow reach on company pages for businesses that are sole traders or freelancers?

See my response

See also: LinkedIn company pages


Marc Lawrence.

If you mute notifications to a thread you commented on, will LinkedIn penalise your reach?

See my response


Lina Lotta Landgraf.

What do you think LinkedIn will look like in 5 years?

See my response


Kati Harris.

What are your top tips for strategic engagement, other than engaging authentically?

See my response


Craig Langley.

What is the best way to structure a headline? Should you use all 220 characters and add some personal stuff?

See my response

See also: 3-part headline formula


Andrew Knowles.

Many B2C micro-business owners prefer Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter to LinkedIn. Many see it as a more B2B and corporate environment. Do you think they’re missing an opportunity by avoiding LinkedIn?

See my response


Tracy Bedwell.

Are there any plans for LinkedIn to make your inbox more manageable?

See my response


Nick Raeburn.

Do you have any metrics on the new share function within comments and is it useful?

See my response


Marianne Avery.

What are your tips for recording a cover story?

See my response

See also: Good cover story examples


Rebecca Pay.

Is LinkedIn Premium ever worth paying for?

See my response

See also: LinkedIn Premium review


Chris Haydon.

Would you advise removing older or less aligned connections in order to improve your reach?

See my response

See also: LinkedIn Following page


Sarah Harding.

Is there any way to put a note against a connection to remind yourself of when or why you became connected?

See my response


Louisa van Vessem.

Why do I really see content from people are used to regularly engage with over 18 months ago?

See my response


Emily Haag.

One can post articles from one’s personal profile on one’s company page. How much of each (percentage or fraction-wise) is best?

See my response


Summer McAfee.

What are your tips or processes for handling direct messages?

See my response


Kevin D Turner.

What are your top five secret brilliant tips that could really ramp up a member’s LinkedIn experience that other experts are talking about?

See my response


Emily Piernick.

How do you respond to a message after connecting with someone and they try to sell you their company services or what they do right away?

See my response


Rebecca Wilson.

Of all the LinkedIn experiments you have done, which one have the most surprising, controversial or against accepted thinking results?

See my response

See also: Delayed commenting experiment and third-party scheduling experiment.


Nate Peo.

How do you ensure that each piece of content you come up with will always be interesting?

See my response


Cristina Roduner.

What is your opinion on the five hashtags in creative mode? Should I now include these as hashtags in every post? Could that have an impact on visibility?

See my response


Nelly Geudin.

The reactions and comments from employees on their company’s post make a genuine impact on the algorithm, or is it more the case that LinkedIn treat those reactions and comments as biased, in other words having weak reach?

See my response


Samantha Coombs.

How do you determine your post to come up in your connections’ feeds without tagging them?

See my response


Emma Easton.

When I add a Zoom registration link into a LinkedIn event many people commit on LinkedIn but never see acknowledge or click on the Zoom registration link and it doesn’t go into their calendars. So, nearer the date you have to manually message them and it’s far from efficient. What am I doing wrong with events?

See my response


Fran Byers.

What is it about pineapples?

See my response


Kolline Lee.

Do you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do direct message outreach?

See my response


Valerie Mekki.

Do hashtags work in the comments?

See my response


Emma Rose.

What should a business look for when considering a LinkedIn trainer or training course?

See my response

See also: Recommended LinkedIn experts to follow


Judith Rafferty.

Why does LinkedIn recommend random posts to me in my notifications, and how does it work out which posts to put in front of me?

See my response


Beth Kirk.

What are your recommendations or tips for moving conversations to the DMs and being strategic with engagement?

See my response


Melanie Cotton.

Can you see a list anywhere of who is following your personal hashtag?

See my response


Lynnaire Johnston.

How can we influence what’s shown in the Highlights section of our profiles?

See my response


Sarah Burgess.

Do you still celebrate milestone numbers in your metrics?

See my response


Trisha Lewis.

Re business pages, when you are a one-person service business, what do you do to make a business page make sense?

See my response


Judi Hays.

How do you toggle between posting as a profile vs posting as a company page? When is it appropriate to do one vs the other?

See my response


Sarah Wassell.

What’s your view on having a title/role after your name? I’ve heard it’s now a no-no?

See my response


Alec Dorling.

Is there a limit to the number of characters you can have in a hashtag?

See my response


Alec Dorling.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn’s investment in Hopin?

See my response


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