The LinkedIn Lab

This is where I record all my LinkedIn experiments. This content is a subset of what’s in my #LinkedInLearnerLounge.

I share ongoing insights and experimental plans with people in my Espresso+ membership.

Link clicks

When: November/December 2021
What: Testing clicks of links in LinkedIn posts
Insight: Clickthrough rates were between 1% and 3% for links in posts – a poor result!

Video Reply Day

When: June 2021
What: Testing video replies to questions
Insight: 40 interesting questions answered in one day!

LinkedIn Stories

When: May 2021
What: Testing visibility of Stories.
Insight: Waste of time!

LinkedIn Premium

When: April 2021
What: Testing LinkedIn Business Premium.
Insight: Probably not worth £480/year for most people.

Lucky Lab Game

When: March 2021
What: Secret giveaways.
Insight: Helping people for no particular reason got me some business wins.

Daily videos

When: March 2021
What: Creating videos every day for a month.
Insight: Average view counts dropped when I created more videos.

Delayed commenting

When: February 2021
What: Delaying responses to comments made in the first 3 hours of your posts being published.
Insight: View counts dropped by 49%.

Scheduled content

When: January 2021
What: Scheduling LinkedIn posts via third-party tools.
Insight: No reduction in visibility or engagement.

Connect first

When: November 2020
What: Switching from Follow first mode back to Connect first mode.
Insight: >70% of invitations contained no personalisation at all.

Links in posts

When: May 2020
What: Adding links to posts to test whether they’re suppressed by the algorithm
Insight: Links do not seem to reduce a post’s reach.

LinkedIn ads

When: October 2017
What: Testing LinkedIn Ads
Insight: No business achieved!

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