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LinkedIn: followers versus connections

LinkedIn followers versus connections

What is the difference between a LinkedIn follower and a connection?

Here’s my regular monthly slot on the LinkedIn Sofa – part of the You Are The Media podcast. This episode explains what a LinkedIn follower is and how that differs from a LinkedIn connection:

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Content DNA nuggets

Content DNA book cover preview

Tasters from my forthcoming book

I’m publishing my book, Content DNA, as a paperback and ebook in April 2020.

Content DNA in a nutshell

The book is about defining the “shape” of your brand, then using the power of consistency and congruence to create content that gets remembered and acted on.

Ahead of the release, here are some nuggets to whet your appetite. The following might not all make sense out of context, but it should give you a decent flavour about some of what I’m going to cover.

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LinkedIn article tips

LinkedIn article tips

Top tips for getting your long-form content right on LinkedIn

Here are my best tips on getting your LinkedIn articles right. For more context, check out my interview with Mark Williams on the Linkedinformed podcast, episode 252.

Briefly, why bother with articles? Because they’re a great way to demonstrate your authority. Normal posts in the feed are excellent for visibility, but articles can help sway the minds of decision-makers. Articles might not rack up the same views as posts, but they’re important all the same.

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Book production process

Book Production Process

What I’ve learned so far about self-publishing my own book

In preparation for self-publishing my book Content DNA in spring 2020, I’ve decided to work with book-production specialist Catherine Williams.

Below are the notes I made from my first call with her. If you want to self-publish your own book, you might find this helpful.

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LinkedIn commenting

LinkedIn commenting top tips

Meaty comments help your visibility on LinkedIn

Follow these tips to improve the chances of your comments occupying the Top Comment slot on others’ posts.

That means more people outside your direct network will see your contributions.

Intelligent, thoughtful comments are a great way to build authority and strengthen your personal brand.

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