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How to improve LinkedIn engagement in 2020

How to improve LinkedIn engagement

Quick tips to multiply your profile and post views on LinkedIn

The actionable advice here has helped my LinkedIn profile views and engagement to increase massively since the start of 2017.

Date Avg profile views* Avg post views
2017 Jan90100
2018 Jan8001500
2019 Jan22003500
2020 Jan45007200
* Total profile views for the previous 90-day period.

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How marketing communities can help businesses grow

How marketing communities can help grow businesses

Do you feel lost in the sea of advice about how to promote your business? How do you know that you’re doing the right things to market yourself online?

This post is about how being part of a marketing community has helped me succeed.

There are lots of communities you could join, and I’m sure each can offer different things. I’m basing this post mainly on my experience of being a member of Andrew and Pete’s ATOMIC since 2016.

(I was also a member of the CMA but this closed in late 2019.)

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Recommended business podcasts

Recommended business podcasts

My recommended podcasts for marketing, copywriting and social media

Blog posts and videos are great but nothing lets you learn while multitasking in the same way that podcasts do.

Here are my recommended business podcasts for marketing your business, writing well and using social media. Ready?

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LinkedIn: followers versus connections

LinkedIn followers versus connections

What is the difference between a LinkedIn follower and a connection?

Here’s my regular monthly slot on the LinkedIn Sofa – part of the You Are The Media podcast. This episode explains what a LinkedIn follower is and how that differs from a LinkedIn connection:

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Content DNA nuggets

Content DNA book cover preview

Tasters from my forthcoming book

I’m publishing my book, Content DNA, as a paperback and ebook in April 2020.

Content DNA in a nutshell

The book is about defining the “shape” of your brand, then using the power of consistency and congruence to create content that gets remembered and acted on.

Ahead of the release, here are some nuggets to whet your appetite. The following might not all make sense out of context, but it should give you a decent flavour about some of what I’m going to cover.

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