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How to turn on text-to-speech on a Mac

How to turn on text-to-speech on a Mac

A quick and free way to help you spot errors in your writing

Here’s a quick tip to help you check written content on your Mac, using the text-to-speech feature.

Instead of reading the text out loud yourself, you can get your Mac to do it via a simple keyboard shortcut.

This is useful if you want to check the flow of your own writing or if you simply want to listen to content rather than read it. You can use this on web pages, emails, documents and pretty much anywhere that you can select text.

The feature is built in to all modern Macs – you just need to turn it on. Here’s how.

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How to record LinkedIn post stats

How to log LinkedIn post stats

Log your LinkedIn post analytics in a spreadsheet so you can do more of what works

It’s important to know what works on LinkedIn so that you can post content that’s effective for your audience. Do text posts work best for you? Do you get more comments from video posts? What are your most popular posts?

This post shows how I record this information.

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How to improve LinkedIn engagement in 2019

How to improve LinkedIn engagement

Quick tips to multiply your profile and post views on LinkedIn

The actionable advice here has helped my LinkedIn profile views and engagement to increase massively since the start of 2017.

Date Avg profile views* Avg post views
2017 Jan90100
2018 Jan8001500
2018 Nov18002250
* Total profile views for the previous 90-day period.

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How can a copywriter help you?

How can a copywriter help you?

A copywriter can help you increase the size of your content footprint

A lot of people think that copywriters write website sales copy and nothing else. In fact, most copywriters offer much more than this.

Stop trying to do it all yourself. A good copywriter can lift the burden of writing effective content to support your business. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

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Headline, subheading and meta description

Headline, subheading, meta description

My notation for writing website copy for clients

I write almost all my B2B client website copy in Word. This post shows how I denote my headlines, subheadings and meta descriptions – and what those things mean.

My clients find this clear and it’s easy for their web designers to turn my copy into web content.

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Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn company page

Yes, probably – even though they’re a bit rubbish

Should you create a LinkedIn company page? If you do, should you post from your LinkedIn company page or from your own personal feed?

These are common questions from my LinkedIn connections and Espresso ☕️ subscribers.

Summary for busy people

LinkedIn company pages have limited value. Yes, you should have one – but do almost all of your posting from your personal feed.

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