LinkedIn character limits

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17 June 2024
LinkedIn character limits

Here are some LinkedIn character limits for common fields on the platform. Don’t feel you need to fill all the space: your content should be only as long as is needed to convey your message.


3000 characters. The old limit used to be 1300 characters.


1250 characters. The old limit used to be 1750 characters.

Articles & newsletters.

Approx. 120,000 characters.

Personal profile headlines.

220 characters. The old limit used to be 120 characters.

When I used to rewrite headlines for clients, I would aim for 120–150 characters as my sweet spot.

Personal profile About statements.

2600 characters. The old limit used to be 2000 characters.

Company page headlines.

120 characters.

Company page About statements.

2000 characters.

Website custom link description.

30 characters. This link at the top of the profile is now available only to Business Premium members.

Newsletter name.

30 characters.

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