LinkedIn membership numbers.


How many members does LinkedIn have?

LinkedIn currently has 850 million members.
(Source: LinkedIn Pressroom, updated 26 July 2022)

Here are the LinkedIn member stats I’ve been tracking since 2019 combined with older data found through Twitter and other websites.

Some extra detail about the announcements (such as growth and revenue) are accessible via the links on the numbers in the table.

Date Members
02 Aug 2012 174M
01 Aug 2013 238M
31 Jul 2014 313M
31 Jul 2015 380M
28 Apr 2016 433M
31 Aug 2016 450M
27 Oct 2016 467M
25 Apr 2017 500M
09 Aug 2018 575M
31 Jan 2019 610M
06 Aug 2019 645M
29 Oct 2019 660M
31 Jan 2020 675M
30 Apr 2020 690M
04 Aug 2020 706M
27 Oct 2020 722M
26 Jan 2021 738M
27 Apr 2021 756M
28 Jul 2021 774M
26 Oct 2021 800M
25 Jan 2022 810M
26 Apr 2022 830M
26 Jul 2022 850M

Updated stats are announced with each Microsoft quarterly earnings call. The next update should be on 26 October 2022.

Here’s a graph of the above data from 600M members upwards (January 2019 to now).

LinkedIn membership numbers 26 July 2022
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I’ll keep this page up to date but you can always see the current official figures via the LinkedIn Pressroom.

Top 5 countries on LinkedIn by accounts.

On 26 July 2022, the top 5 countries of LinkedIn members (not active users) were:

🇺🇸 191M+ in USA
🇮🇳 88M+ in India
🇨🇳 57M+ in China*
🇧🇷 58M+ in Brazil
🇬🇧 33M+ in the UK

*LinkedIn has been replaced in China by InCareer – but LinkedIn are still treating these people as members.

Why these numbers matter.

LinkedIn is still a great place to reach your audience without having to pay for ads.

But that free organic reach is unlikely to last forever.

To buffer yourself from the potential future issues with organic reach for your content, it’s a good idea to build your audience now.

Since the start of 2017, I’ve been doing this by getting involved in as many public and private conversations on LinkedIn as I can. This is what helps people remember and care about me and my work.

The best thing to do to defeat the algorithms is to get people to care about you. When they do, it doesn’t matter what the algorithms do – you’ll always be someone people seek and find.

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