LinkedIn experts to follow.

LinkedIn experts to follow
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If my LinkedIn Learner Lounge isn’t enough for you(!), follow the smartypants below for plenty more insights about how best to use LinkedIn.

Each is a LinkedIn specialist who knows the platform as well as anyone, and they can help you professionally if needs be.

(List sorted by location and then alphabetised by surname – not playing favourites here.)


Every week, I celebrate someone cool in my LinkedIn network via my #FridayShout posts.

I recommend everyone connects with those people, because they have warm hearts and good attitudes towards online networking.

But what about a list of LinkedIn specialists? That’s what this article is for.

🇬🇧 Nigel Cliffe.

Nigel Cliffe

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Nigel is based in West Yorkshire and is a well-respected LinkedIn trainer in the UK.

His site is well worth a visit for the helpful set of tips in his video catalogue.

🇬🇧 Greg Cooper.

Greg Cooper

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Greg is based in Bristol and one of the most knowledgeable people I know on LinkedIn in the UK.

We’ve met in person and Greg was refreshingly open about his methods. A really helpful guy who’s well worth following.

🇬🇧 Sam Rathling.

Sam Rathling

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Sam is a LinkedIn lead generation specialist who helps large corporate customers.

She wrote Linked Inbound: 8 Social Selling Strategies to Generate Leads on LinkedIn in 2019 and gave me a kind mention in it.

🇬🇧 Lea Turner.

Lea Turner

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Lea has a massive following built on her distinctive brand and willingness to share personal content and opinions.

Despite having 100K+ followers, Lea is approachable and down to earth. One of the few big names of LinkedIn who’s actually worth following.

Check out this LinkedIn Live replay featuring my chat with Lea, along with Bobby Umar and Andy Foote.

🇬🇧 Mark Williams.

Mark Williams

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If I had to take just one person’s advice about LinkedIn, it would be Mark’s (and not just because he’s a Liverpool FC fan, though that helps).

Mark hosts Linkedinformed, my favourite LinkedIn podcast.

I was a guest on two occasions:

🇺🇸 Sid Clark.

Sid Clark

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Sid is a former IT test engineer and English instructor who posts helpful LinkedIn tips via annotated screenshots.

He’s a nice guy who’s talented at writing clear explanations.

🇺🇸 Andy Foote.

Andy Foote

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Andy is a Brit based in the US. He loves to experiment and shares some of the best insights I’ve seen about the platform.

He’s the host of the Foote Notes podcast. I was a guest on episode 14.

🇺🇸 Brenda Meller.

Brenda Meller

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Brenda is the creator of the #LinkedInROCKSTARS list and one of my favourite LinkedIn experts in the US. She’s also a regular creator of LinkedIn Live videos.

Her upcoming book is called Social Media Pie.

🇺🇸 Kevin D Turner.

Kevin D Turner

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More than just a LinkedIn expert, Kevin is a brand strategist and writer who always contributes thoughtful and helpful posts and comments on LinkedIn.

A truly smart thinker and all-round good guy.

🇺🇸 Jared Wiese.

Jared Wiese

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I discovered Jared through his “Profiles that POP” campaign, where he helps people produce better resumes and profiles.

A genuinely helpful and nice guy who is the most followed person on this list by some distance (120K+ followers!).

🇺🇸 Jeff Young.

Jeff Young

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Jeff’s in the running for nicest guy on LinkedIn. He calls himself the LinkedIn Guru and really lives up to that reputation.

Unlike other LinkedIn experts, Jeff isn’t on LinkedIn to sell anything, as he’s already retired. He’s a great source of knowledge and wisdom about the platform. Namaste, buddy!

🇦🇺 Jo Saunders.

Jo Saunders

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Jo has a distinctive look (love the changing hair colours!) and a fun presence on LinkedIn.

She’s a regular video creator on LinkedIn and also runs a YouTube channel at

🇦🇺 Karen Tisdell.

Karen Tisdell

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Karen is one of my favourite LinkedIn specialists in Australia. Her posts and comments are always helpful, and she’s been an avid supporter of mine for a long time.

A class act who’s well worth listening to.

🇦🇺 Michelle J Raymond.

Michelle Raymond

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Michelle is the only LinkedIn expert I know who specialises in company pages. Check out her best practice tips through her Good Trading Co page.

Look out also for her fun “Raymond vs Tisdell” series with fellow Aussie Karen Tisdell.

Michelle has co-authored a book called Business Gold with Lynnaire Johnston. It’s all about LinkedIn company pages.

🇧🇪 Mic Adam.

Mic Adam

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Mic is based in Belgium and specialises in employee advocacy, social selling and recruitment. He’s also a certified LinkedIn ads expert.

His content is always helpful and well researched. Follow him!

🇳🇱 Richard van der Blom.

Richard van der Blom

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Richard is known for in-depth experiments on LinkedIn and meaty reports that dig into the fine workings of the LinkedIn algorithm.

For example, see his LinkedIn Algorithm Research October 2021 report.

Nerds who want to get a competitive advantage on LinkedIn would do well to follow Richard’s posts.

🇳🇿 Lynnaire Johnston.

Lynnaire Johnston

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Lynnaire is the first person in New Zealand to have read my first book, Content DNA. And I was one of the first people in the UK to read her excellent book, Link∙Ability, which covers strategies for using LinkedIn well (Amazon review below).

She’s lovely and well worth a follow. Don’t miss her excellent article 77 Tips for Getting a Head Start with your LinkedIn in 2021 – it’s packed with valuable insight.

Lynnaire has co-authored a book called Business Gold with Michelle J Raymond. It’s all about LinkedIn company pages.

Link∙Ability review on Amazon.

Excellent LinkedIn primer for businesspeople
Lynnaire has written a clear business guide that shows the value of being on LinkedIn.

I’m sure that the content will help lots of people looking to get cracking on a business platform that has more than 700 million members but that still has great potential for organic content reach. Nice work, Lynnaire!

Let’s wrap up.

I do know more LinkedIn specialists than this but I’m not going to try to list them all. Any such list could never be exhaustive.

If I’ve left out someone amazing, please let me know so that I can include them here. But please don’t nominate yourself: that’s not what cool people do.

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