How you can help me.

How you can help me
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I help non-meanies with their copywriting and LinkedIn queries. I know that many of them want to reciprocate, hence this post.

Buy John Espirian a coffee from only £5

Share my blog.

Whether it’s a single blog post or my whole blog page, I’d really appreciate it if you tell others about my writing.

My ideal reader is a small business owner who wants to develop a better online presence through high-quality website content and a distinctive LinkedIn presence.

I don’t work with people who are salesy douche canoes. I don’t use ads or any other growth hacks.

The best way to help the discoverability of my work is to add a link from your website to a page on my site. This tells Google and other search engines that there’s something valuable on my site.

Here’s an example by fellow copywriter Ellen Forster (click her name to visit her website in a new window).

Link to Content DNA by Ellen Forster
A link to my book from Ellen’s website

Tag me in a tweet.

It’s always nice to be mentioned on Twitter. Say something nice and tag @espirian in your message.

Here’s a lovely example:

Engage on my LinkedIn posts.

My content gets in front of more people when my audience likes and comments on my posts and articles.

Sharing doesn’t really work on LinkedIn, but clicking the like button and leaving me a supportive and substantial comment does.

I’ve written a blog post on how to comment well on LinkedIn.

Mention me in a group.

A lot of my best supporters are members of groups on Facebook and other social networks.

If you see a post where someone is looking for a copywriter or a LinkedIn expert, perhaps you could drop my name into the mix.

Lots of my new connections start their messages to me with “I heard about you in so-and-so group.” It’s stuff I don’t see directly but it’s all welcomed in bringing more people to my door.

Subscribe to my email list.

My Espresso ☕️ email list is where I keep in close contact with my subscribers.

All the content is free and you get to hear about things I don’t always share in public.

I can’t stand long emails so all of my messages are under 200 words. I currently have 1830 subscribers.

You can subscribe here

Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’m doing more videos these days and uploading as many of them as I can to my YouTube channel.

I have almost 500 subscribers right now. I’d love to reach 1000.

Watch my YouTube channel

Follow me on LinkedIn.

Keep in touch with my LinkedIn content by following me. To do this, visit my profile and click the Follow button.

If you don’t want to follow but instead to connect with me, that’s cool – please please use the secret word in my About statement in your invitation note! Did you know that you can send invitation notes on the LinkedIn mobile app?

Endorse my LinkedIn skills.

LinkedIn endorsements aren’t hugely valuable but clicking the relevant endorsement buttons on my profile is a simple way to show your support.

You can endorse someone on LinkedIn only if you’re connected with them.

View my LinkedIn profile

Write a LinkedIn recommendation.

Recommendations take a bit more effort than endorsements but they’re also more valuable.

The best recommendations are specific about the help you’ve received and what transformation (if any) that’s led to.

You can recommend someone on LinkedIn only if you’re connected with them.

Recommend me on LinkedIn

Write a Google review.

My business is listed on Google My Business. If I’ve helped you with copywriting or LinkedIn support, you could leave me a rating and review there. It all helps me be more findable on Google.

Holly Christie Google My Business 5-star review

Review me on Google My Business

Use my affiliate links.

Here are some of the tools I use and recommend. If you buy these through the links below, I’ll earn a little commission.

  • Snagit: screenshot capture and annotation.
  • Camtasia: screen & webcam video editor.
  • SHIELD Analytics: LinkedIn analytics. Use code JOHNESPIRIAN15 to get 15% off for the first year.

(I also maintain a longer list of recommended software and hardware tools.)

Buy me a coffee.

If you want to make a small financial donation (£5 or multiples of it), this is how to do it:

Buy John Espirian a coffee from only £5

Buy me a coffee

Sign up for this free service and receive donations from your own audience: Buy me a coffee free registration

Buy me an Amazon gift voucher.

I use Amazon a lot so credit there is just as good as normal cash.

Buy an Amazon gift voucher

Read and review my book.

I’ve spent ages researching and writing my book, Content DNA. It’s available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats on Amazon.

If you’ve already bought the book, I’d really appreciate an Amazon rating and review. The more good reviews I receive, the more likely it is that others will discover my work.

Content DNA on Amazon (UK)

Content DNA on Amazon (USA)

If Buy Me a Coffee isn’t for you, you could use good old PayPal.

Here’s my PayPal Me link

Book a consultation.

Grab a 20-minute or 60-minute slot and we can talk about anything you want on Zoom.

Clients typically ask me questions about copywriting, personal branding and LinkedIn.

Book a consultation

Buy my LinkedIn course.

This is where I’ve put all of my best thinking about LinkedIn.

Find out more and buy the course

Hire me for LinkedIn consultancy.

I rewrite LinkedIn profiles, review content and offer 1-to–1 consultations on building a LinkedIn presence.

Find out more here

Hire me to write content.

If you really want to help me keep a roof over my head and food on the plate, hire me to write for you. I can help you with:

  • website content
  • case studies
  • blog posts & LinkedIn articles

There’s lots more about these services on my Writing page.

See my writing services

Let’s wrap up.

Above are plenty of ways you could help me. If none of them appeal to you, that’s cool. Just be a nice person and do no harm. That would be a win.

Buy my book.

Be noticed, remembered and preferred.


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John Espirian.

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My book is Content DNA.

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