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Here’s what one of my clients sent me in a direct message after a 60-minute consultation in early 2021:

Espirian consultation testimonial

Here are lots more examples from happy clients:

That was really informative - best investment of time and money in my business.
It's very difficult to work on your own branding. We can talk brands and strategy all day with our customers, but when working on our own it's very hard to take that outside view.

We turned to John for exactly that, and he was really helpful in breaking down our brand pillars and helping us to get rid of the waffle and focus in on what really matters. Thanks John!
I had a 1-to-1 call with John about LinkedIn and, in particular, case studies.

He showed vast knowledge in many subjects and was constantly helpful.
I was in "panic mode" to get some info f-a-s-t on how to deal with a specific client. Terminology that would be used in their biz, how to write some things into my project proposal, etc.

John Espirian spent an hour on a Zoom call with me. Not. a. moment. was. wasted and I went away with the perfect primer on how to approach the project (which was uber-copywriting for a high-end company. Yikes!)

What you get.

Here’s what you get when you book a consultation with me.

One-to-one time.

Relentlessly helpful advice on Zoom – no small talk or fluff.

Ask me anything.

LinkedIn best practice, personal branding, content creation, online visibility – you name it.

Screen sharing.

Practical demos and tips that get to the point.

Follow-up email.

You'll get a summary of the discussion, plus extra advice and resources relevant to the subject.

Video recording.

A private video or audio recording of our call so you miss nothing.

Optional discounted LinkedIn video course.

Cut-price access to my online LinkedIn course. Only £199 for consultation clients – contact me for details.

Or, buy it separately for £299.

Even more happy clients.

Thanks to my consultation with John, I now have a clear idea of where I want to take my business – and how to get it there.

The most valuable half hour I've spent on business planning for, well, ever!
John gave me feedback on my website and provided advice on pricing.

I came away with answers to all my questions plus extra tips and ideas. His advice has been invaluable in setting up my editorial business.
In one hour, I learnt more about LinkedIn that I have in the past decade.

John has helped me avoid costly LinkedIn mistakes, and has saved me months of my own research.
John's consultation service gave me tons of useful insight and solutions that I could apply to my business the same day.

It's well worth the fee.

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