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Do you need some advice to help you put your business on the right track? Instead of hiring a technical writer, why not book a consultation that will give you practical tips specific to you?

Book an online consultation with John Espirian

No travel + No time wasted = Stuff gets done

John gave me some invaluable feedback, and has also given me some tips for the future – I would highly recommend this service to other newbies!

Sally Antram
Sally Antram
Legal content editor
Sally Antram

What do you get?

30 or 60 minutes of quality time

30- or 60-minute Skype consultation about your business. Get to the point and ask the questions relevant to your work. No travel time needed – just you, me and an internet connection.

Pick your topic

Ask me anything about writing, improving your website, editing, proofreading, content marketing, social media – you name it!

Screen sharing

If I need to demonstrate a process, I can share my screen with you – and you can do the same with me. This can be a great way to go beyond theory and get right down to specifics.

Follow-up email

On 60-minute consultations, I’ll send you a follow-up email to summarise the discussion and provide extra advice and resources that are relevant to the subject.

Video recording

On 60-minute consultations, I’ll send you a video recording of our Skype call at no extra charge.

Instead of scribbling notes during our meeting, you can focus on the conversation. After the call, you’ll have access to the video and can review the content at your own pace.

Thanks to my consultation with John, I now have a clear idea of where I want to take my business – and how to get it there.

The most valuable half hour I’ve spent on business planning for, well, ever!

Nikki Brice
Nikki Brice
Splendid Stories

Single Espresso ☕️


30-minute consultation

Ideal for a quick chat

Double Espresso ☕️☕️


60-minute consultation

Ideal for a deep dive

Video recording

Follow-up email

If Skype doesn’t suit you, we could use Zoom or a normal telephone call to have our meeting.

I was experiencing a few IT issues and John’s Espresso advice service gave me tons of useful insight and solutions that I could apply to my business the same day. It’s well worth the fee.

Jo Johnston
Jo Johnston
Copywriter and editor
Jo Johnston Freelance

Terms and conditions

Confession: no actual caffeinated drinks are involved here. This is a consultation service, not a coffee shop.

If you proceed with your booking, I’ll take that as your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Thanks for reading,

John Espirian