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Keith Smith
Keith Smith
Managing Director
The Advertist

Wow! I followed John’s online LinkedIn course and I loved it.

It is packed full of really useful hints and tips and it’s done in a really down to earth way.

Great advice from a seasoned professional. Thanks very much John.

I highly recommend the course and I’m off to get the book now!

Louisa van Vessem
Louisa van Vessem
Business consultancy and VA services
Workflow Virtual

In his own words, John is a LinkedIn nerd but in my own words, John is a LinkedIn legend.

John has shared his top tips (and some things to avoid) on how to use the platform effectively. Many of the tips could be applied to other channels, such as the importance of adding personality and John shows that excellently with the tone of the videos.

If you don’t understand LinkedIn, you need to hear John’s wise words. You won’t be disappointed!

At the start of 2017, I went all in on LinkedIn for my B2B technical copywriting business. Check out my results:

  • 50× increase in profile & content views.
  • 1.8 million post views in last 12 months.
  • 60% new leads via LinkedIn.
  • £10K+ extra income.

My business is all about explaining how stuff works – so I’ve decided to explain what I’ve learned about how LinkedIn works.

And that led to me creating this talk: How not to be a LinkedIn Loser, which is now available to buy online.

Cambridge Social Media Day 2019

I first developed this content for delivery at a conference in November 2019. This 45-minute session has turned into the enhanced recording of 79 minutes across 3 separate videos.

Together, these videos give you some of my best tips on how to build a LinkedIn presence to support your business.

Vicki O'Neill
Vicki O’Neill
Marketing and sales coach
KenKay Marketing

John shares the what, why it’s important and how to do it. He even shares some tips on what NOT to do! John is easy to understand as he shares a step-by-step approach.

Anyone who wants to revive their LinkedIn presence or get started will definitely NOT be a LinkedIn Loser after this training.

Part 1: Tactics.

🎬 Running time: 21m 38s

You’ll learn a tactical approach to LinkedIn as well as the dos and don’ts for building an effective presence.

Some areas covered in this section:

  • Engagement pods and other bad practice.
  • How many people should you connect with?
  • Consumer-contributor-creator model.
  • The curse of knowledge.

Tracey Tait
Tracey Tait
Chatty, Tea-loving Content Marketer

John’s talk gave me practical tips on sorting out my LinkedIn profile and understanding what sort of content to create – and what to avoid.

Helpful and funny, too. What more could you want?

Kelsey Ray Banerjee
Kelsey Ray Banerjee
Finance copywriter
Kelsey Ray Copywriter

It was great! Super relatable. And there were actually unique tips.

So many social media guides are the same, so it was refreshing to have some real talk.

Part 2: Profiles.

🎬 Running time: 22m 10s

You’ll see settings that will enhance your profile, and you’ll learn how to create a headline that’s interesting, informative and intriguing.

Some areas covered in this section:

  • Content DNA formula for headlines.
  • How to stop inadvertently advertising your competitors’ profiles.
  • The power of follow first mode.
  • How to get more LinkedIn recommendations.

Ella Orr
Ella Orr
Social media consultant
Much More Social

I was there and it was fantastic – informative, perceptive and bloomin’ funny 😁

You have stage presence, John!

Jen Le Marinel
Jen Le Marinel
Business coach
WildFire Walks

This was by far the most helpful LinkedIn presentation I have ever attended, thank you!

Engaging, inspiring, simple and easy-to-implement tactics.

Part 3: Content.

🎬 Running time: 35m 3s

You’ll learn how to create content that stands out and that gets good organic reach.

Some areas covered in this section:

  • CHAIR formula for creating content that people want to read.
  • Anatomy of a successful LinkedIn post.
  • Explanation of view counts.
  • How to share links the right way.
  • The power of public & private conversations.

Graham D Rae
Graham D Rae
Programme Manager
Graham D Rae Associates

Full of facts, tips, and techniques on using LinkedIn.

Very easy to understand and follow for everyone. If you are a new, or even an existing LinkedIn user, you will learn and gain from this course.

Gavin Bell
Gavin Bell
Funnel Academy

I’ve enjoyed following John on LinkedIn over the years and have been impressed with how he uses the platform.

I decided to buy John’s LinkedIn Loser course and I’ve learned a huge amount on how to use the platform better.

Bonus lessons.

LinkedIn Loser bonus videos

On top of the core content, I include bonus videos to add even more value to the course. Look out for the following:

  • Polls (~5m): how to use polls in LinkedIn posts.
  • Document posts (~7m): how I create my popular documents.
  • Direct messages (~6m): how I start conversations with new connections.

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BitmoJohn with shades

Lyndsay Cambridge
Lyndsay Cambridge
Web designer
Jammy Digital

In one hour, I learnt more about LinkedIn that I have in the past decade.

John has helped me avoid costly LinkedIn mistakes, and has saved me months of my own research.

Rachel Extance
Rachel Extance
The Story Cave

I saw John’s talk at #CSMDay2019. It was packed with helpful tips. I learned a lot!

He has expanded on it to create these videos. If you want to improve your experience of LinkedIn, grab this deal!

Be better at LinkedIn.

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