B2B blog & LinkedIn article writing.

Regular content builds authority.

If you don’t have the time or writing expertise to produce content for your B2B blog or LinkedIn profile, I’m your guy.

I’ll interview you, understand your business and write clear, engaging and human content for your customers.

Prices start at £550 per blog post or LinkedIn article.

Did you know?

Average time to write a blog post: 3 hours 55 minutes

Average word count of a blog post: 1269 words

Source: Orbit Media Studios survey of 1000+ bloggers

What you get.

Each article I charge for includes:

You’ll be responsible for any images, videos and design work.


This is what to expect when I deliver content to you:

Did you know?

75% of B2B executives surveyed by Demand Gen agreed that “relevant content that speaks directly to our company” was a crucial aspect of a vendor’s website.

Source: Demand Gen B2B Buyer’s Survey 2017

What you don't get.

I don’t do the following:

My stats.

Blogging gets more relevant visitors to your website. Look at how my web traffic has increased since I started blogging regularly:

Year Blog posts Page views
2012 0 1171
2013 0 1194
2014 15 4422
2015 10 5822
2016 37 21,838
2017 49 53,580
2018 35 109,696
2019 35 122,139
2020 30 133,813

Web traffic stats

Business blogging has helped me earn more and better clients than ever before.

You can do the same BUT it takes time and skill to get it right. If you need a hand, I’m your guy.

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We always use John’s blog as a perfect case study of how to blog to get results.

His blogging strategy has firmly built up his reputation and ranking to be number one in his field.

You’d be wise to follow his advice on how you can do the same.

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