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One of the best ways for businesses to demonstrate their authority and build a connection with prospective customers is to publish regular, helpful blog content. The problem is that it can take a lot of time and effort to produce the consistency you need for success.

So, who can help? How about someone who’s been blogging regularly since 2015?

Yes, blogging has been a key part of my content strategy and it’s helped propel my business to the top of the Google rankings (search for technical writing services in UK and you’ll find my site at the top of the pile).

What you get from my blogging service

  • Original content: no copying, ever.
  • SEO optimisation: your content will have a good chance of ranking well for our chosen keywords.
  • Clear calls to action: each post will have a purpose, directing readers to take an action to help your business.
  • Authoritative voice: good research will mean we can be clear and confident about what we tell customers.
  • Screenshots and visuals: breaking up boring walls of text with appealing visual content.
  • Social sharing: I’ll give you ideas for how to share the content on social media, including tweet suggestions and LinkedIn post ideas.

My results speak for themselves. Look at how my web traffic has increased since I started blogging regularly.

Here are some articles I’ve written about the process of blogging.

External posts

As well as publishing more than a hundred articles on my own blog, I’ve written numerous posts for other publications. Take a look at some of the examples here:

Some more examples:

Get results from business blogging

Let me help you produce content that helps your business stand apart from your competitors.

Prices start at £375 per blog post.

Why me? Because I’ve been a freelance writer since 2009 and know what it takes to succeed in this field.

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