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If you don’t have the time or writing expertise to produce content for your B2B blog or LinkedIn profile, I’m your guy.

Prices start at £450 per blog post or LinkedIn article.

Did you know?

75% of B2B executives surveyed by Demand Gen agreed that “relevant content that speaks directly to our company” was a crucial aspect of a vendor’s website.

Source: Demand Gen B2B Buyer’s Survey 2017

My blogging stats

Blogging gets more relevant visitors to your website. Look at how my web traffic has increased since I started blogging regularly:

Year Blog posts Page views
2012 0 1171
2013 0 1194
2014 15 4422
2015 10 5822
2016 37 21,838
2017 49 53,580
2018 35 109,696
2019 25 122,139
Web traffic stats on espirian.co.uk

Page view stats 2012–2019
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This increase in traffic as a result of blogging has led to me getting more clients.

You can do the same BUT it takes time and skill to get it right. If you need a hand, I’m your guy.

What you get from my blogging service

Hire me as your content writer and I’ll help your business stand out by giving you:

  • Original, relevant content: no copying, ever.
  • SEO optimisation: your content will have a good chance of ranking well for our chosen keywords.
  • Clear calls to action: each post will have a purpose, directing readers to take an action to help your business.
  • Authoritative voice: good research will mean we can be clear and confident about what we tell customers.
  • Screenshots and visuals: breaking up boring walls of text with appealing visual content.
  • Social sharing: I’ll give you ideas for how to share the content on social media, including tweet suggestions and LinkedIn post ideas.
Andrew and Pete

Andrew and Pete
The fun marketing duo

We always use John's blog as a perfect case study of how to blog to get results.

His blogging strategy has firmly built up his reputation and ranking to be number one in his field.

You'd be wise to follow his advice on how you can do the same.

Do you want a free collection of my best advice about how to plan, publish and promote your blog content so that you get more traffic and more clients?

Get the full chapter and verse with my 35,000+ word definitive business blogging guide. (It’s free and you don’t need to opt in to anything to read the whole thing.)

Can you write content for my field?

Probably. I’ve written content for many different industries since 2009, including:

  • Accountancy – blog post explainers for small businesses & startups.
  • Ecommerce – sell sheets for digital payment technology.
  • Energy management – user guides for heating and cooling systems.
  • Engineering – guides and policy documents for employees.
  • Financial services – blog content for accountants.
  • Insurance – white papers and magazine articles for global teams.
  • IT – web pages, blogs and guides for software companies.
  • Manufacturing – web pages about plastic moulding and calibration.
  • Recruitment – web pages and brochures for agencies.
  • Resource management – user guides for personnel software.
  • Television – setup and help pages for programme planners and remote controls.

Don’t worry if your industry isn’t listed here.

One of my skills is being able to digest complex subject matter and turn it into content that end users find simple and clear.

My track record of delivery means that clients such as Virgin Media, Sky and AXA have trusted me to write outstanding content. If you want the same, I’m your guy.

Virgin Media

Alex Brown
Senior Product Manager
Virgin Media

John has been a huge help on our big email unification project – one of the biggest email projects in the world as far as ISP consolidations go.

A top man and no hesitation to recommend.

Client blog examples

Almost all my client blog work is done as private ghostwriting, so I can’t talk about it here.

But here are examples of blogs I’ve written for top UK accountancy firm MHA Henderson Loggie:

Jacqueline Watson

Jacqueline Watson
Senior Manager
MHA Henderson Loggie

We have a great partnership with John. He works closely with us and our team to help us create educational and informative copy that helps us engage directly with our target customers.

As well as publishing more than a hundred articles on my own blog, I’ve written numerous posts for other publications. See my external blogs page.

Need business blogging help?

Prices start at £450 per blog post.

Why me? Because I’ve done this for a decade and know what it takes to create blogs that rank well and help your audience take action.

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