LinkedIn stats breakdown

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9 January 2024
LinkedIn stats breakdown

There’s a lot of talk about how our reach or visibility on LinkedIn has changed over recent times. Here’s an analysis of my own stats.


I’ve shared plenty of my own data in the past but now that we have a space where I can go into more detail for Espresso+ members, I feel much happier putting all of the detail here.

Nothing you see below is a substitute for gathering your own data based on your content and your audience. I don’t have a magic button for that, sorry!

I hope this information gives you some idea about how you can look for insight on your own LinkedIn data.

Average post stats by year.

2018 – 139 posts.

Impressions Reactions Comments Reposts
3055 51 46 0.9

2019 – 242 posts.

Impressions Reactions Comments Reposts
6289 98 94 2.3

2020 – 208 posts.

Impressions Reactions Comments Reposts
8650 143 108 4.2

2021 – 270 posts.

Impressions Reactions Comments Reposts
9215 95 90 1.1

2022 – 229 posts.

Impressions Reactions Comments Reposts
7036 86 71 1.6

2023 – 232 posts.

Impressions Reactions Comments Reposts
4124 60 61 1.1


These figures are from 2018 to 2023.

Posts Reactions Comments Impressions Shares
Text 287 105 91 8408 2.8
Image 614 83 74 6290 1.3
Video 309 85 77 5493 1.4
Doc 57 106 98 10397 3.6
Poll 6 76 158 10660 1.7

Days of the week.

Many popular blogs confidently advise readers to post on certain days of the week and even at certain times of day.

Advice like that can’t be right for the many thousands of readers those pieces of content attract. It might look authoritative and feel good, but that doesn’t make it right.

The best evidence is your own data, which is based on the type of content you put out, when you put it out and how your audience responds to it.

Generic advice published on popular blogs won’t give you anything like that level of insight for your particular business and situation.

With all that as a proviso, here are my average post stats broken down by day of the week:

Posts Reactions Comments Impressions Shares
Mon 163 87 79 6447 2
Tue 193 86 84 6938 2
Wed 163 95 93 9891 2
Thu 175 98 84 6584 2
Fri 307 74 71 4312 1
Sat 152 103 80 7653 4
Sun 127 100 80 8131 2

Let’s wrap up.

Remember that everything above relates only to my own content’s performance.

Just because a particular type of content or a day of the week works for me and my audience, things may not work the same for you and your audience.

The golden rule here is always to test things for yourself – and then do more of what works.


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