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Weiss Advice episode 62:

LinkedIn Smart episode 33:

The Jaily Show (YouTube):

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The LinkedIn Sofa
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I don’t have my own podcast but I am a regular contributor to the monthly You Are The Media podcast.

Check out my LinkedIn Sofa page to listen to my past slots on the show.

Looking to be a podcast guest?

Having been on more than 30 podcasts, I’ve written a post on how to be a good podcast guest.

It’s worth a read if you ever get a chance to get a guest spot on one of the shows above, or indeed any other podcast.

Bio and other stuff.

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Here’s how I sound:

Want me on your podcast?

I’m a knowledgeable and fun podcast guest who enjoys talking about copywriting, technical writing, proofreading, content marketing and social media.

Drop me a line and let’s set up an interview for your show.

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