Branding and style

My choices about my visual brand.

A personal brand is about far more than just visuals, but there’s no doubt that how things look makes a difference. In my book, Content DNA, I talk about the importance of being the same “shape” everywhere. So, here’s how that translates visually.


I use the following main HEX colours for my brand:


Main blue


Accent green


Accent orange


Secondary blue


I use 3 main typefaces throughout this website:

I also use Montserrat Light as the typeface in the body text of my book, Content DNA.


The Espirian logo uses the Fira Sans Black.

I use a few different forms of my logo, depending on the background colour and available space:

Espirian wordmark

Espirian logo small social square

My logo and book cover were designed by Pixels Ink

Nerdy stuff about the logo.

  • The bottom (descender) of the “p” is shaped to look like a bookmark.
  • The orange dots over the “i”s are called “tittles”.
  • The green full stop represents authority.
  • The angles are cut at:
    • 23º – my favourite prime number, and
    • 77º – the year I was born.

My main list style uses green bullets with nested orange bullets. They look like bits of my logo on purpose.


This is the cover of my book, Content DNA.

Content DNA book cover

The colours, fonts and angles are all in line with the logo design:

Box styles.

Callout info sits in boxes that look like this:

Did you know?

The best image size for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is: 1200×630 pixels
Other callout info with class stat looks like this:
This is a sample stat box.


I use banded rows to make table data easier to read:

Team/group training £799
Online course £299
60-mins £199
20-mins £79
Espresso+ yearly £400
Espresso+ monthly £40
Content DNA ~£15

Writing preferences.

I’ve covered my own writing style choices in the Espirian style guide.


Call to action.

My blog posts end with a panel that looks like this: