Here are some testimonials from the many satisfied clients I’ve worked for and with over the years.

I had the pleasure of working with John when making changes to our customer facing pages, specifically relating to a new product. John’s ability to understand the product, the impact of the changes and come up with creative solutions to convey our message was first class.

John is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

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Chris Plumbley
Senior Project Manager

John kindly undertook a proofreading and editing project for me on a very tight deadline. He turned around the work in record time, and the amendments and suggestions he made greatly enhanced the quality and readability of the piece.

I will be actively recommending John’s services to others in the future.

Boost Business Support
Yva Yorston
Boost Business Support

John has been a huge help on our big e-mail unification project – one of the biggest e-mail projects in the world as far as ISP consolidations go.

When you need someone with an incredible attention to detail who is always suggesting ways to improve the customer experience and provides the raw materials needed to ensure that the correct decisions can be made to do so, John is your man for the job.

A top man and no hesitation to recommend.

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Alex Brown
Senior Product Manager, Broadband Delivery
Virgin Media

I was delighted with John’s video review of my website. The video was 13 minutes long and covered every page of my site. He had looked at the site in advance and had some notes prepared, so I could tell he’d already thought about various aspects, which was reassuring.

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Etty Payne
Freelance editor
Elegant Words

I would like to pass our thanks for the excellent work on proof reading our web site.

Your integrated approach and feedback embraced the entire site and our intentions while also picking up the minor details. Very thorough, professional and of the highest standards.

Thank you.

Allied Aerosystems
Phillip Ashurst
Managing Director
Allied Aerosystems

John was excellent from first contact and was so thorough with absolutely every aspect of the writing service. I could go on but writing isn’t my strong point (thank God for people like John!).

I would recommend John for any project big or small. Thanks again John!

Kim Lawther
Assistive technologist

John’s regular technical tips in his blog and social media posts have helped me become more productive in running my business. He is very generous with his expertise and time in helping colleagues. If you haven’t already subscribed to his blog posts, then add it to your to-do list today.

Mary McCauley
Copy-editor and proofreader
Mary McCauley Proofreading

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know John in his capacity as a technical writer and editorial professional – he has been personable, helpful and insightful every time we’ve dealt with one another.

John has a great ability to condense complex technical information into concise, clear writing that any reader can understand. Technical writing is a very particular skill, and I would recommend John to any business looking to communicate the in-depth benefits of their product or service to a wider audience.

Lorrie Hartshorn
Copywriter and freelance coach
Lorrie Hartshorn

I can recommend John to anyone who is looking for high quality services. John is creative, reliable and willing to understand specific requirements.

Dmitriy Zaynulin
Seal Navitas Ltd

John has worked tirelessly to deliver a smart new website for the SfEP – something which helps to raise the profile of editors and proofreaders in the UK and beyond – and is as much of a benefit to the industry as a whole as he is to members of the SfEP.

I have personally benefited from his expert advice, and have no hesitation in recommending him to my clients.

John did a great job setting up an online forum and providing quick responses and easy solutions to user queries during the start up phase.

Royal Forestry Society logo
Simon Lloyd
Development Director
Royal Forestry Society

John has become a key member of our R&D team, providing technical documentation for the products we develop.

Taking the time to learn our product range so that he can work efficiently with minimum distribution to the R&D team has made working with him very easy for a fast growing company with little spare resource to tell him what to do.

John’s ability to self-manage the process and take ownership of delivery has made it a pleasure to work with him. I would strongly recommend John to anyone.

WEMS logo
Joe Blower
Technical Director
WEMS International

I’ve been working with John on various challenging copywriting projects for AXA Technology Services in the last months, and have been impressed by the quality of his work, the seriousness of his approach, and his ability to synthesise complex topics into clear, concise content. I’m looking forward to collaborate with him again on coming projects.

Thibaud Marijn
Editorial consultant

As the SfEP’s internet director, John has done an outstanding job in developing and maintaining the Society’s website and forums, during a challenging period of several years when the use of these resources has grown substantially.

He has led the way in producing a slick, user-friendly website, and in making the online forums into such a valuable resource for SfEP members. I was part of his forum administration team for two years, and he seemed to have a quick answer for every issue that cropped up. John also makes a great effort to welcome newcomers and give out advice on all kinds of matters, especially technical ones. How he manages to do all this alongside running his own successful business, I’ll never know!

GH Editorial
Graham Hughes
Editorial consultant
GH Editorial

I started following John’s blog around 5 months ago and I was really impressed by how helpful his content was. The amount knowledge he has around technical writing is phenomenal. He also shares hints and tips about online marketing too and I’ve already learnt so much. Looking forward to working with John in the future.

Jammy Digital
Martin Huntbach
Jammy Digital

Thanks for doing these, and making it so easy for me to sign off also, sometimes you get people that try to make it complicated, but you made it such an ease, even with comments and the feedback, so much appreciated.

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John McKenzie
Senior Customer Journey Leader – Television

John rewrote hundreds of articles in the Sky TV support website, creating a streamlined help guide on time and on budget. Highly effective and professional.

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Michael Woods
Senior Consumer Editor

The board that John designed for SfEP is fantastic. It combines the best elements of a listserv and a web group. It’s a great resource for editors and one of the best possible ways to encourage communication among the group’s members.

Intelligent Editing logo
Daniel Heuman
Managing Director
Intelligent Editing

John began working on the SfEP website in a moment of crisis and took it on very calmly and efficiently. After that, he was absolutely vital to the development of the site, responding to needs and requests and suggesting positive change. Not only is he technically competent and inventive, but he is also able to communicate quite technical things easily and with humour and, on occasion, sympathy. The introduction of both the new database and the forum/email system would not have gone so smoothly without his expert and genial guidance.

SfEP logo
Nancy Duin
Internet Director
Society for Editors and Proofreaders

John is a great person to have on your side – delivery was on schedule and despite our numerous last minute changes he has always been unflappable, professional, knowledgeable, talented, hard working and dedicated to exceeding our every need.

Arax Flowers logo
Araxi Kay
Arax Flowers

We have a European website helping people with a rare medical condition. We have 16 European countries involved.

I cannot praise John enough for the wonderful effort and time he has put into our website. He has helped us every step of the way, constantly keeping us informed of what he is doing. Our website, now complete, is extremely professional and very easy to find your way around.

I would say to anyone needing John Espirian’s help they will not be disappointed.

European Mastocytosis Support Network logo
Irene Wilson and Andrea König
European Mastocytosis Support Network

I have to say for the record, I never fail to be impressed by the quality of the stuff John produces.

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Rick Pool
Wireless Development Manager
Virgin Media

Thanks for all your hard work John. This was a very complex piece of work and I think you’ve done a fantastic job.

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Tony Cooper
Senior eCare Manager
Virgin Media

John has an eye for detail, and takes the time to give the personal touch. He proofread my website for me and gave prompt, accurate feedback. I would recommend John’s work to anyone looking for a quick, friendly service and a guarantee of quality.

Write Away logo
Geraldine Nesbitt
Write Away, Text and Design

John edited all the text on our site as part of a redesign. He simplified the content and helped us to focus the message we give to our customers.

John provided a detailed report on what work had been done, allowing us to understand where changes had been made. He also wrote and supplied a style guide, meaning that we can now create additional content using a consistent set of rules.

I am delighted with the result and particularly that the work was delivered in a very speedy, efficient manner within the agreed budget. I would use John again and happily recommend his editorial skills to others.

Halian logo
Levon Antonian
Managing Director

I worked with John for around 10 years, and found him to be a most dependable, dedicated and able member of the team. He has a strong technical background and his attention to detail and commitment to quality is legendary, but what stands out for me is the elegant clarity of his written communications. Whether he is preparing content for public web pages or the corporate Intranet; the copy for automated e-mails or letters to consumers; compiling defect reports during testing or issuing high level testing status information to senior management, his style is always detailed yet concise.

He is able to explain technical issues or complex ideas, pitched at the right level for his audience and without ambiguity in a clear and effective manner. John has also developed in to an effective leader rising to the challenge of managing ad hoc teams in difficult circumstances with successful results.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with John over many years and on many different projects, and I am confident that he would be a great asset to any organisation.

Fujitsu Services
Peter Kay
Project Manager

I’ve worked with John Espirian for the last 5 years; John has proved himself to be a fine UAT test lead and a very reliable copy editor for Virgin Media virtual ISP customers. John was our primary resource to review both new and existing content prior to full production in the public domain; John is methodical and meticulous in his approach to work.

If you get John’s approval then you know your content in the public domain is of high quality, John shares his feedback in open and honest manner.

If you want to hire a hard working no nonsense test lead or copy editor then I would strongly recommend John.

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Andrew Gilbert
Tesco Business Analyst
Virgin Media

John is a highly skilled and knowledgeable individual, with a great character too. Well respected throughout the company, and with an eye on getting the job done he is a true professional. A pleasure to know and work with.

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Craig Richardson
Senior Hostmaster

I have worked with John over a large number of years. I have always found him helpful and extremely knowledgeable. As a supplier to John getting through his acceptance test means that it will pass with any other company.

Rytec logo
Owen Farrant
Rytec Consultants Ltd

John led a very effective UAT team, identifying, logging and raising over 300 defects. His in-depth knowledge of Tesco registration was invaluable to the developers in helping them
resolve defects within this process. Post go-live he has continued to test in the live environment, identifying a number of
further defects and escalating these for resolution. Well done!

Fujitsu Services
Jason Marsh
Service Delivery Manager

John has been brilliant to work with, making a really difficult task
much easier. He has always been reliable and I personally think he has done a great job. He has made my job easier with his hard work and expertise.

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Liz Stott
UAT Programme Lead
Virgin Media