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Hi, I’m John Espirian

I’m a technical writer based in South Wales, UK.

Hire me to write the words that explain how your products, services and processes work.

Want your business to succeed? Let me help you by creating simple, clear and elegant content for your audience.

Who needs technical writing?

I work with businesses and organisations who want to:

  • reduce support calls
  • increase repeat purchases
  • improve brand loyalty
  • educate the audience
  • inform decision makers

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10 reasons to hire me as your technical writer

Here’s why you should work with me:

  • Transparency: yes, I display my prices!
  • Responsiveness: I’m quick to reply (try me)
  • Portfolio: read my blog, watch my videos
  • Dedication: creating content for 15+ years
  • Personality: I’m a happy, helpful human

More detail about my services

Click the titles below to find out more about each of my services.

Technical writing

I produce simple, clear documentation that helps to instruct and inform end users. Find out why the likes of Virgin Media and Sky have used my technical writing services to create user manuals and help guides.


My writing skills extend beyond technical documentation. You can hire me to write marketing copy, text for the web and more besides.


I make short videos to explain ideas that are sometimes difficult to put into writing. Add real polish to your documentation by hiring me to create attractive, elegant screencasts. For examples, see my screencast portfolio.

Editing and proofreading

Hire me to check, correct and polish your text. I can help you apply the right tone to all your documents, and you can trust me to spot issues that won’t be picked up by spellcheckers.


For a free quote, please contact me. Also, check out what my clients say about my work.

John is able to explain technical issues or complex ideas, pitched at the right level for his audience and without ambiguity in a clear and effective manner.

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with John over many years and on many different projects, and I am confident that he would be a great asset to any organisation.

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Peter Kay
Project Manager

Hi, I'm John Espirian

I'm a freelance technical writer. Do your words need some care and repair? Hire me and I'll help you communicate the right message every time.

Get in touch for a free quote. I'd love to hear from you.