Prices for technical writing and editing

I hate it when people hide their prices. I don’t do that.

My flat project fees are often 10–15% lower than my equivalent day rates.

2018 day rates for technical writing and editing

Technical copywriting

from £375

per day


from £275

per day

💰 Why so much?

In 2017, the PCN survey revealed that the average freelance rate for copywriting was £339 per day. My charges are a little higher than that.

  • I don’t compete on price.
  • I do compete on quality.

If you’re looking for a cheap copywriter, that’s fine – but I’m probably not the right man for you.

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The deep dive on technical writing prices

If you haven’t been scared off yet (congratulations!), here’s some in-depth discussion about pricing technical writing work.

When quoting for work, I base my prices on these key factors:

  • 💬 Communication – how clear is the brief?
  • 🔍 Complexity – how difficult is the work?
  • Duration – how long will the project take?
  • 🚨 Urgency – how soon must the work begin or end?

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There is no single price for everyone. Here’s why:

Each project is different. A challenging job that will take time and that must begin immediately has to be priced much higher than a simple, short job that isn’t very urgent.

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My blog is the best showcase of my writing.

For a PDF sample of past technical writing work, please get in touch.

If you would like me to edit, rewrite or otherwise enhance any content you’ve already created, please supply a representative sample of the work when you contact me. This will help me to make a proper assessment of the job, and will mean my quote is more likely to indicate an appropriate price for the work.

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Billing and payment

You can find the details in Payment terms for technical writing, but the basics are:

  • Projects under £1000: invoice for the full amount due at the end of the job, with payment to be made within 30 days of the date shown on the invoice.
  • Projects over £1000: invoice for 50% upfront, with remaining 50% to be paid after 30 days.

I’m a human and can be flexible with payment if needs be.

I prefer payment by online bank transfer. I’d rather not have to take cheques to the bank.

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For a free quote, please contact me. Also, check out what my clients say about my work.

Your integrated approach and feedback embraced the entire site and our intentions while also picking up the minor details. Very thorough, professional and of the highest standards.

Thank you.

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