Prices for technical writing and editing (2018)

Technical copywriting

from £375

per day


from £275

per day

How much does a day of your time get me?

Rough guidelines:

Type Time taken Approx. cost
Blog post 1 day £375
Case study 0.5 days £200
Web page 0.5 days £150

How do you work out your prices?

This is what I take into account when I quote:

  • Communication: how clear is the brief?
  • Complexity: how difficult is the work?
  • Duration: how long will the project take?
  • Urgency: how soon must the work begin or end?

What are your lead times?

For a one-off article, I prefer 2 weeks’ notice but can often work to tighter timescales.

For longer pieces of work, a month’s notice is ideal.

I don’t work with more than 3 clients at once. If I’m fully booked when you contact me, I might have to ask for your patience before we can work together.

Do you offer flat fees?

Yes. I quote day rates as an indicator but most of my work is charged as a flat project fee.

For longer projects, my flat fees are often 10–15% lower than my equivalent day rates would be.

Do you offer hourly rates?

Yes but only for editing and proofreading. My prices work out at £55 per hour and I can usually edit 1750 words per hour.

Do you have a rate card I can download?

Yes. Download 2018 rate card PDF

What are the average rates for hiring a copywriter?

The Professional Copywriters’ Network’s annual pay survey for 2018 revealed that the average day rate for copywriting is £342.

My day rate starts at £375.

That means I’m 9.6% more expensive than the average copywriter. Oh no!

Good news: I’m more than 9.6% better than the average copywriter. So it’s a good deal 🤓

John rewrote hundreds of articles in the Sky TV support website, creating a streamlined help guide on time and on budget. Highly effective and professional.

Michael Woods
Senior Consumer Editor

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. I usually ask for 50% payment upfront and the remainder after 30 days.

This isn’t always practical for large jobs and can be unnecessary for small jobs. We can discuss this when I give you a quote for the work.

There’s more about payment terms here: Payment terms for technical writing.

How do you take payment?

I prefer online bank transfer for UK clients. If you’re not in the UK, I can give you my TransferWise payment details so you can make an international bank transfer.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. I can accept payments via PayPal, which allows you to pay by credit card.

Where can I learn more about technical writing prices?

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