7 ways to increase web traffic in 2018

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My website traffic has grown 2.5x in the past year.

More website traffic often means more interest in your products and services. If you want to boost your business in 2018, getting more people to look at your site is one of the goals to aim for. But how?

This post lists 7 reasons for this growth. See how they can help you improve your web presence.

Espirian page view stats 2012–2017

My page view stats 2012–2017

Year Posts Page views
2012 0 1171
2013 0 1194
2014 15 4422
2015 10 5822
2016 37 21,838
2017 49 53,580


This post includes my own stats and personal experience. What works for me might not work for you.

But lots of other business owners are seeing positive results from doing similar things.

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Reason 1: Creating content consistently

The biggest contributor to my success? Creating relevant, helpful content on a consistent basis.

It’s what I call relentlessly helpful marketing, and I’ve put regular blogging at the heart of that process.

In 2017, I published 49 articles on my blog.

How long did that all take? Check out How long does it take to write a blog post?

Content that has performed well for me in 2017:

Want to find out what your best-performing blog content is? Order my free report:

Free blog report

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Reason 2: Joining marketing communities

2017 was my first full year as a member of these marketing communities:

Joining these communities has improved my marketing, which has had a positive effect on traffic to my website.

I go into more detail about the benefits of being a member of ATOMIC and the CMA in How marketing communities can help businesses grow.

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Reason 3: Increasing confidence and personality

Confidence comes with practice, and that means you feel more comfortable to let your personality show through.

My content used to be a little too safe and lacking in any recognisable ‘voice’. But I’ve thought a bit about my brand identity and have loosened up.

Take my BitmoJohn cartoon character, for example. He’s the recognisable face of my content. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to create him a couple of years ago.


Meet my alter ego, BitmoJohn

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Reason 4: Reaching new audiences

I’ve made a conscious effort to reach new people by writing guest posts and appearing on podcasts.

My biggest blogging win of 2017 was having an article about how to improve LinkedIn engagement published on Social Media Examiner.

At the time of writing, this post has been shared more than 7000 times πŸ“ˆ

Another positive was appearing on the Soulful PR podcast.

Janet Murray’s show racks up around 40K downloads per month, so getting on the mic with her was great exposure.

View my interviews, guest posts and podcasts

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Reason 5: Using analytics and SEO tools

Analytical tools helped me understand how my content was performing. They also helped me look for opportunities to improve my existing content.

Here are my recommended research tools:

KWFinder - find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty

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Reason 6: Improving social promotion

Scheduling less and talking more has improved my visibility on LinkedIn.

Since I started implementing the tips I shared in my Social Media Examiner post, my LinkedIn post and profile views have increased 800%.

I still schedule some content. My 2 favourite social scheduling tools are Buffer and RecurPost.

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Reason 7: Building a mailing list

I started my Espresso β˜•οΈ email community in late 2016.

Rather than having a one-way broadcast, I encourage participation from people in the Caffeine Club. This means I’ve been able to include their insights in some of my posts.

Espresso β˜•οΈ is still a small list, but the subscribers there want to hear from me. Reminding them about my new content helps to drive up my traffic.

The first handful of people to use my consultancy service have all been Espresso β˜•οΈ subscribers.

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Let’s wrap up

I can’t guarantee that the above steps will produce results for you. I can guarantee that taking no action will mean you fall behind your competitors.

My top tip for boosting your business’ web presence is to create relevant, helpful content on a regular basis. Sounds like a tall order? Well, I’m here to help.

If you need a hand with your web content, drop me a line at support *at* espirian.co.uk and let’s chat.

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Thanks for reading,

John Espirian

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