LinkedIn audio pronunciation.

LinkedIn audio pronunciation
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LinkedIn lets you record up to 10 seconds of audio on your profile to help people pronounce your name correctly. This post shows how it works and some examples of it in action.


LinkedIn’s audio pronunciation feature is great for people with weird names (Espirian = Ess-pih-ree-un) but it’s also an opportunity to say a little bit about what you do and to convey some personality.

The article is partly inspired by my recent video about how to pronounce my own name.

Audio recording is possible only via the LinkedIn mobile app, but the result can be played back on mobile or desktop versions of LinkedIn.

These audio recordings aren’t to be confused with LinkedIn voice notes.

How to record an audio pronunciation.

Here are the steps to recording an audio pronunciation.

1. Start in the LinkedIn mobile app by visiting your profile (via your profile photo in the top-left corner).

2. Tap the pen icon to the right of your name.

LinkedIn audio pronunciation 1

3. Tap the pen icon in the audio recording part of the screen.

LinkedIn audio pronunciation 2

4. Tap Record new audio pronunciation. The screen might not look quite like this if you’ve never recorded audio before. LinkedIn will prompt you to allow microphone access.

LinkedIn audio pronunciation 3

5. Tap and hold the mic for up to 10 seconds and record your audio. You’ll have a chance to retake the recording if it’s not quite right.

LinkedIn audio pronunciation 4

Audio pronunciation examples.

I posted on LinkedIn to ask for examples of people using the audio pronunciation feature well. Check out the people below.

I’m starting with Lina, as it was her contact with me that really spurred me to collect these examples. I’ve put my own at the end. The rest of the list is in no particular order.

Lina Lotta Landgraf.

I’m the one with the three Ls, Lina Lotta Landgraf, and I aim to empower people by the way I act, and I love all things personal and employer branding and marketing.

Eleanor Goold.

“Always believin’, you are gold, GOLD!” It’s Goold, actually.

Niraj Kapur.

[Drum solo] Niraj Kapur.

Adam Ligeralde.

This is Adam Ligeralde, your resource for tools, tips and tricks and increasing your productivity and efficiency with your protein research.

Sonal Bahl.

Hi, thanks for making the effort to find out how to pronounce my name. So, that’s Sonal Bahl, Sonal Bahl. Have a lovely day.

Anthony English.

I’m Anthony English and I help Rachels. If you don’t know what that means, have a read of my About section.

Vietek Ladislaav.

Would you like to know how to get business from LinkedIn? Yes? Great! Let me show you how easy it is. This is Vietek Ladislaav, Dubai’s number one LinkedIn video marketing coach.

Ariel Lee.

Hey y’all, it’s Ariel Lee, your favourite non-boring financial advisor. Also LinkedIn coaching to try to cut down on some of those cold pitch DMs. Bless their hearts.

Oyinkro Kagbala.

Hey, my name is Oyinkro or just O for short. I’m the owner of K-OS Visuals. I see you checking my page out. So, if you have any questions, please do get in touch but until then have an awesome day.

Michele Wolff.

Hello, my name is Michele. My surname is Wolff. Like the big bad wolf, but I’m the good one. So, it would be great to connect with you. Bye!

Lynnaire Johnston.

Hi, this is Lynnaire Johnston, the Word Wizard. I’m the author of Link·Ability – four powerful strategies to maximise your LinkedIn success.

Mousumi Das.

Hi, I’m Mousumi Das, and if you’re curious about how I can help shape your business operations, please get in touch. Thank you.

Kevin D Turner.

Hello, my name is Kevin Turner, managing partner for TNT brand strategist. I appreciate you coming to see my profile today. And please let me know what I can do for you.

Stephen Quinn.

Hi there, my name is Stephen Quinn, and I work with companies to generate business and sales leads. If you’d like to know more about how I can help you, feel free to connect or message me here on LinkedIn. Thanks a lot.

Lois Cliff.

Lois Cliff. Helping you tell your stories with energy.

Sarah Clay.

Hey hey, it’s Sarah Clay! Thanks for dropping by, and if you need any help with LinkedIn, just send me a DM.

Gillian Whitney.

Hi, this is Gillian Whitney with Launch4Life. I’m a marketing coach and I help business owners with easy peasy marketing solutions.

Mark Williams.

Tune in to the Linkedinformed podcast with me, Mark Williams, Mr LinkedIn.

Jennifer Holloway.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Holloway. Always Jennifer, never Jenny.

Janine Capaldi.

My mummy’s name is Janine Capaldi.

Brenda Meller.

Brenda Meller. It’s like Keller, but with an M. Follow me for LinkedIn strategy tips and message me if I can help you unlock the power of LinkedIn.

Douglas Burdett.

I’m Douglas Burdett and the downside of reading every book featured on the Marketing Book Podcast each week is that it has really cut into my scotch drinking. I suffer for my art.

Joel Lalgee.

What’s up guys? Joel Lalgee here. I help recruiters brand themselves on LinkedIn. Reach out to me for more.

Louisa van Vessem.

Hi, my name is Louisa van Vessem. Yes it’s a Dutch surname. Whilst you’re here, scroll down to my testimonials, have a read through them and drop me a message. Let’s see how I can help you.

Melissa Gerke.

My name is Melissa Gerke. I’m a freelance SEO copywriter in Australia, and I also write sponsored content for successful businesses.

Samantha Boffin.

Hi there. I’m Samantha Boffin. Boffin as in mad scientist, except that I’m a voiceover artist, which is a very different kind of science.

John Espirian.

John Espirian, the relentlessly helpful B2B copywriter, all-round LinkedIn nerd and eager experimenter. I wrote Content DNA, and you can find it on Amazon.

Let’s wrap up.

Even if your name is easy to pronounce, I recommend that you take advantage of this audio pronunciation feature. There’s power in letting people hear your voice on LinkedIn.

If you get it right, you’ll be all the more memorable. And perhaps this could lead to the start of a fulfilling business conversation.

Have you recorded your 10-second audio slot yet?

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