Espresso+ FAQs.

Espresso+ FAQs
Danielle Guzman

Danielle Guzman.

Your group is AMAZING. I have never seen a group so rich in value creation, conversations, insights shared, and daily almost 24/7 support.

Espresso+ stands apart.

Do I already need to know exactly where my business is heading?


Being a member will help you refine your personal brand and get clarity on your value proposition.

If you haven’t done this work yet, you’re still well placed to get value from the community.

It might even be the step you need to really get your business started the right way.

I do recommend you read Content DNA if possible, but that’s not a requirement for membership.

Is there any mandatory homework?


You can do as much or as little as you want with the information we share.

You won’t be shamed for not doing or participating – that kind of negativity isn’t what we’re about.

Am I required to post in the discussion group or anywhere else?


Feel free to observe only if that’s what you prefer.

We do run regular accountability challenges, but these are opt-in tasks.

How often are the live calls?

I usually aim for at least a couple of these per month, and I try to set the schedule for when calls will take place at the start of each month, so you have time to plan your attendance.

Calls usually last either 30 mins or 60 mins.

What can I ask about on the live calls?

The main focus of the community is to discuss content creation, personal branding, online visibility and LinkedIn best practice, so it’s best for us to stick to these main areas.

Joanne Taylor

Joanne Taylor.

I have received so much inspiration, advice, and encouragement in the last month in Espresso+, from John personally and other members, I can’t even begin to describe it!

So nice to get to know like-minded people in a wide range of fields, too 😊

Do I have to attend live calls?


Every call is recorded, captioned and added to the video Showcase and the audio podcast.

You can consume what you want, when you want.

Do I have to speak if I’m on one of the live calls?


You can even turn off your webcam if you prefer.

Do I need to do any “speed networking”?


All that stuff makes me cringe.

If you want to get to know members of the community, you can look them up inside the discussion group or on the members map and then contact them however you want – or not at all.

Do I need to be a LinkedIn expert to understand everything going on in the community?


I try to keep things simple and help people of all levels of ability.

I do share some nerdy, advanced stuff but you don’t need to pay any attention if that’s not your thing.

Do I have to be in the UK or Europe?

No, though I do expect you to speak English.

We have members around the world, and I try to be flexible with timezones when I set up live calls.

Even if you can’t make it to all our calls, remember that you’ll have access to everything recorded on video and via the audio podcast.

Is this an engagement pod?

Absolutely not.

Anyone looking to game social media algorithms with engagement pods or any other spammy automation or salesy outreach isn’t welcome in Espresso+.

What can I post in the discussion forum?

Questions, tips or discussion points that relate to content creation, personal branding, online visibility or LinkedIn best practice.

Anything self-promotional or completely off topic isn’t welcomed.

Though LinkedIn has a translation feature, I’d prefer all members to post in English.

Do you help with ads and recruitment?

No, though I can probably recommend people if you drop me a line.

Espresso+ is aimed at people who want to build an organic presence online, without paying for ads.

Is there a free trial?

No, though the monthly membership means you could join for a month and cancel before the next month starts.

What are Espresso+ members called?

We use the term “Espressian” and the hashtag #TeamEspresso.

How many members does Espresso+ have?

We currently have 226 members and the maximum member count is 300.

When we reach the maximum number, we’ll switch to a “one in, one out” system. That means someone will need to leave before another person can join.

Frank Prendergast

Frank Prendergast.

I’m SO grateful to be a part of this community. I’m learning loads thanks to John’s expertise and dedication to the group, and it’s great to have a community of other entrepreneurs to turn to when I need support.

Also, it’s ridiculous value for money. Like, crazy good value.

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