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This page includes external resources of my blog posts, interviews and other written content.

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External blogs and guest posts

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  • Read Valuable Content: 9 relentlessly helpful content marketing tips from copywriter John Espirian
  • Read The Freelancer’s Year: Meet John Espirian: freelance technical copywriter and LinkedIn go-to man
  • Read Haris Halkic: How to build your career as a freelance technical copywriter
  • Read BlogProfits: Blogging growth
  • Read eSense magazine: Fewer words, more graphics (see page 9)
  • Read Media Shower: Technical writing interview
  • Read PCN: Spotlight interview
  • Read Penning and Planning: Small Business Showcase
  • Read Strategy For Today: B2B shouldn’t be a dry and stuffy arena
  • Watch Chloe Forbes-Kindlen: Why technical writing matters to your business
  • Watch Madalyn Sklar: Twitter advanced search
  • Watch Elizabeth Lim: Raw and Real podcast

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Book appearances

One of my proudest moments: I was a case study in KNOWN by Mark Schaefer.KNOWN by Mark Schaefer

My case study features on pages 205–209, and you can read a little about this here: Measuring the “soft stuff” like thought leadership.

KNOWN by Mark Schaefer

KNOWN by Mark Schaefer

I wrote a chapter commentary (see chapter 11 – Generalisations) for the ISTC’s republication of this seminal book on technical writing. The book was first published in 1948, and the republication coincided with the ISTC’s 70th anniversary.

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