You Are The Media Bath June 2023: LinkedIn connecting and commenting

But I wouldn’t chase only the customers that I want to serve in terms of connections, because that would probably be too few people. I wouldn’t chase only my club, my colleagues. So, other LinkedIn trainers, it would just become an echo chamber that wouldn’t be optimal either. What I always tried to keep in […]

You Are The Media Bath June 2023: Content tells, profile sells

Like your content tells, but your profile sells. So, your LinkedIn profile is your it’s like the front page of your website. If LinkedIn were a website, this is the thing where you can tell people what your services are, what they cost, what an engagement with you looks like, you can be front foot […]

You Are The Media Bath June 2023: LinkedIn creator mode

It’s a group of settings, it’s not just one thing, it turns on a few things. By default, the most obvious thing it turns on is that when someone looks at your profile, instead of seeing a Connect button, they will see a Follow button. So, you’re you’re building an audience of followers rather than […]

You Are The Media Bath June 2023: LinkedIn newsletters

I think they have massive value still just for the long term discoverability and authority building up value that they offer. So, if you create a newsletter, there’s a privileged moment where as soon as you create your first episode of your newsletter, everyone in your network, so that’s all of your connections, and all […]

You Are The Media Bath June 2023: LinkedIn recommendations

What does mean something is recommendations. So, the more recommendations you have all other things being equal, the more likely you are to be found in a search, especially if there’s any keywords in those recommendations that relate to your headline. There is a trick for getting your own recommendation link, which is something I’ve […]