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Create a poll. Learn how your LinkedIn audience thinks.

LinkedIn introduced the ability to add polls to posts in May 2020.

LinkedIn polls can be useful for gathering quick feedback without everyone having to comment with their answers.

Basic LinkedIn poll info.

Polls can contain 2 (default), 3 or 4 answer options.

Polls last 1 day, 3 days, 1 week (default) or 2 weeks.

Multiple choice isn’t supported.

Votes can be revoked and changed while the poll is active.

You can vote in your own poll.

Voting isn’t anonymous. If you started the poll, you can see who voted for what.

LinkedIn doesn’t display a view count for posts containing polls – boo!

How to create a LinkedIn poll.

I’m showing you the screenshots for the desktop version of LinkedIn. The mobile app process is almost identical.

1. Start a new post and click Create a poll in the bottom-right corner.

Creating a LinkedIn poll

2. Enter your poll question and add text for the default 2 answers. Polls can contain 2, 3 or 4 answer options.

Choosing the questions

3. Add text to the top of the post, as with normal text, image or document posts.

Writing the post with the poll

4. The published poll will show a running count of votes and confirm how long the poll runs for.

A published poll

5. The person running the poll can click View results to see voting details.

Ongoing LinkedIn poll results

6. The person running the poll can click the number of votes to see the specifics of who voted for which option.

Results of LinkedIn poll

7. When a poll is closed, the results are displayed slightly differently, with the winning option highlighted.

LinkedIn poll results closed

SHIELD Analytics presents LinkedIn poll results like this:

LinkedIn poll results via SHIELD Analytics

SHIELD Analytics

I use SHIELD Analytics for my LinkedIn data analysis.

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Let’s wrap up.

Polls are easy to set up and can provide a good way to gather information about your audience’s preferences about your products, services and content.

Give them a try and see what you can learn about the way your audience thinks.

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