Friday Shout.

#FridayShout is my collection of posts to celebrate the nice people I know on LinkedIn. I choose members of this “club” based on the following:

  • They are nice, helpful and supportive.
  • They have an up-to-date presence on LinkedIn.
  • They are not salesy, slimy or selfish.
  • They haven’t asked to be on this list.
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Friday Shout club members
Some members of the awesome #FridayShout club. Get the T-shirt

2021 #FridayShout club members.

2020 #FridayShout club members.

2019 #FridayShout club members.

2018 #FridayShout club members.

Earlier #FridayShout club members.

If LinkedIn had a lists feature, I wouldn’t have needed to create this page. Come on, LinkedIn: sort it out!

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