Content DNA – Chapter 6 – The 30-month mindset

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20 April 2020
Content DNA

The difference between winning and losing is, most often, not quitting!

Walt Disney

Get to the point

It takes a lot of time to be known in your industry, perhaps as long as 30 months. Avoid thinking in the short term and get ready to be consistent in the long term. You can win with focus, consistency and grit.

As with anything, diligent practice gives you the best chance of getting results. I’m pretty handy in the kitchen but I’m not a good baker. Still, if I committed to baking a cake every day for a year, you can be damn sure that I’d make something delicious in 12 months’ time.

My early efforts would probably be like tough bricks that even the birds would think twice about before they started pecking. Thing is, the delicious version of the cake has the inedible brick as its necessary ancestor. Before you can be good, you have to be bad. It’s a phase that all content creators have to go through.

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