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MicroMacTips part 4

Ready for 5 more quick Mac tips? John Espirian continues the #MicroMacTips series with some more useful nuggets of information.

MicroMacTips part 4

1. Check which typefaces are in use on a website

If you browse the web with Google Chrome, it’s easy to check which typefaces are in use on any website you visit. Just check out my super-quick video:

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The rise of video in promoting editorial services

In this post, John Espirian looks at the increasing use of video to promote the services of editorial professionals.

The rise of video

As a freelance technical writer, I spend most of my time writing and editing content for my clients. No surprise there. But my specialty – care and repair for words – scarcely seems to be enough these days. Audiences no longer want to read walls of text (actually, they never did want that), and instead prefer more visual forms of communication.

And we’re not just talking about using pretty stock images or adding fancy infographics. No, no. Writers, editors and proofreaders are now starting to communicate with their audience via video. I already have some experience in the field, as I started dabbling with screencasting way back in 2012. I don’t think many other editorial professionals were particularly interested at the time, even though platforms for sharing video (e.g. YouTube and Vimeo) were already well established.

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Introduction to screencasts

In this post, John Espirian provides an introduction to the process of screencasting and to the tools used for the job.


As a freelance technical writer, I sometimes create short videos to help my clients’ audience understand how a service works. These ‘screencasts’ appeal to the growing proportion of users who are turned off by traditional written materials.

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Call me – maybe

In this post, John Espirian discusses the difficult decision of whether to display your telephone number on your website.

Call John Espirian

Call me – maybe

For prospective clients

I really do prefer email, so drop me a line at support *at* and we’ll go from there.

If you really need my phone number, look at the grid image below.

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MicroMacTips part 1

In this post, John Espirian shares 5 quick and simple tips for Mac users. These ‘MicroMacTips’ should make your digital life a tiny bit more bearable.

MicroMacTips part 1

I use all sorts of little tricks to boost my productivity. On their own, each of these wouldn’t be enough to justify its own blog post, so here are 5 quick and easy MicroMacTips to help you along.

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Parallels: Windows for Mac users

In this guest post for the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), John Espirian discusses how Mac users can access Windows programs, focusing on the Parallels ‘virtual machine’ app.

Parallels for Mac

If an ideal world, I’d use a Mac without ever venturing over to the dark side of PCs. But sometimes it’s not possible, because some important piece of software runs only on Windows. Although this is a pain, it doesn’t mean you have to keep a PC on standby. I’ve come up with a couple of alternatives in a post I recently wrote for the SfEP.
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