About John Espirian

I’m John, the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter.

You can hire me to write in-depth B2B content that explains how your products, services and processes work. My writing saves you time, reduces your support costs and keeps your customers happy.

Problems I can solve

John Espirian

John Espirian

Virgin Media
Society for Editors and Proofreaders
ACA Dreamweaver
ACA InDesign
ACA Photoshop
Member of the Professional Copywriters' Network

⏰ You’re too busy to write

Your time is precious. You know that good written content is valuable but you simply don’t have the spare hours to produce your own material.

And – no surprises – your team is busy. You want them to get on with the tasks they were employed to do, which probably doesn’t involve writing support content.

So, instead of dragging your staff away from their normal roles, hire me to handle your writing tasks. I’ll get on with the work from my home office, allowing your team to crack on with running the business.

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βš™οΈ You’re too close to your own business

You truly care about your business. You enjoy what you do and how that has a positive impact on those you serve. You spend all day doing good things to move your business forward.

You probably think about operational stuff even when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning. Makes sense – if you don’t care about your business, what chance is there that anyone else will?

The problem is that this closeness to your business makes it difficult to communicate your value to your audience. You might take some things for granted that really ought to be explained. This is where an outside party can help – bring in an expert to understand the core business and then allow them to explain it in language your audience will identify with.

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πŸ“š You’re not the best writer

You know what to say. If you were face to face with a potential customer, you could probably explain your business to them well. You’d get across what you do, why you do it and how you do it so well. You’d show your personality and get your message across.

But when you’re not face to face, you’ve got a bigger challenge in explaining what you want to say. Typing it all out can be tricky, and you might end up sounding stuffy, formal and boring.

And on top of that, you’d have the hurdle of writing proper English – sentences that are well structured, commas that are in the right place, terms that are appropriate, spellings that are accurate – all of that technical stuff that makes written language hang together.

A good writer takes all this in their stride, producing sharp content that gets your message across with personality and precision.

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πŸ”§ You need technical help

Most people can open Microsoft Word and type up a document. But what if you want someone to create a user guide for your product or service? Technical writers use special software to produce content like this, and it’s not the sort of thing that most non-specialists will want to bother with.

And what if you want someone to work with your IT team to edit your website content directly? Or write an email campaign? Or a blog post that the search engines lap up? Or a product info sheet? Or a brochure?

The list goes on, and often it’s best to call on someone who has some technical skills to help you get the job done.

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πŸ•Ά You want your business to look good

You might have all the materials and skills to build your own shed. You might even have the exact specifications you want and the time to do it all.

But you know in your heart of hearts that the result is never going to be quite as good as getting a pro in to measure up and hand-build the best damn shed in the neighbourhood.

Building your own shed is fine – it’ll do the job and perhaps you’ll even have fun doing it.

But sometimes you just want the best shed and you’re willing to pay an expert to do the hard work.

It’s the same with professional writing. You could do it but you really want to stand out and make your business look good, so you call in an expert with words – someone who gives you a competitive edge.

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John has become a key member of our R&D team, providing technical documentation for the products we develop.

Taking the time to learn our product range so that he can work efficiently with minimum distribution to the R&D team has made working with him very easy for a fast growing company with little spare resource to tell him what to do.

John’s ability to self-manage the process and take ownership of delivery has made it a pleasure to work with him. I would strongly recommend John to anyone.

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Joe Blower
Technical Director
WEMS International

The ‘why’ behind this business

When I worked in an office, I was the guy with the longest queue of people at my desk.

πŸ’¬ How does this work?
πŸ’¬ What does this mean?
πŸ’¬ Why is this error message coming up?

My special skill was being able to explain how things work in a way that was easy to understand.

πŸ’¬ Ohhh, RIGHT! I get it now. Thanks, John πŸ‘πŸ»

Those ‘aha!’ moments were the highlights of my working day. Showing people how stuff works gave me satisfaction – I was a natural explainer.

In 2009, I left office life behind and set up Espirian, my technical writing business.

Now I specialise in helping business owners to explain how their products, services and processes work. That involves writing user guides, how-to articles and other web content.

I work from my home office in Newport (near Cardiff, South Wales). Most of my clients are UK businesses, but because I work remotely rather than on site, I’m able to take on projects from all over the world.

My organisation chart is rather simple:

World's simplest org chart

I’m also employee of the month (again).

Yup, so it’s just me. But that’s good: you know who’s doing your writing. And you can be sure that I will never outsource that to someone else.

Drop me a line and let’s have a chat.

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Learn some useful stuff via my blog

I use my blog to show off my writing skills and my powers of explanation.

As you look through my content, you’ll come across BitmoJohn. He’s a cartoon representation of me that I use as part of my visual branding.


Meet my alter ego, BitmoJohn

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Professional stuff

  • Former software tester and quality assurance manager
  • Microsoft Mac Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Consumer Macintosh 2003–2007
  • Whitefox Unsung Hero of Publishing 2016
  • Internet Director of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)
  • SfEP Advanced Professional Member
  • SfEP South Wales Local Group Coordinator
  • Member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC)
  • ISTC South Wales Area Group Coordinator
  • Pro Member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network (PCN)
  • Member of the Content Marketing Academy (CMA)
  • Feedspot Top 100 Freelancer Blogger
  • Social Media Examiner Contributor
  • Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Certified Associate in InDesign
  • Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop
  • Guest blogs, interviews and podcasts

Get in touch

If this all looks good, why not drop me a line at support *at* espirian.co.uk and say hello? I answer all emails personally – there are no bots or anything like that πŸ€–

If you’d prefer to keep in touch via social media, please connect with me on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to say hi when sending me your invitation, so I know how you’ve found me.

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