About John.

Relentlessly helpful LinkedIn nerd.

Do any of these sound familiar?

BitmoJohn busy

You’re too busy to write.

You don’t have the time to create website and blog content to promote your business.

BitmoJohn looking with big eyes

You're too close to your own business.

You’re so close to your day-to-day work that you can’t explain it objectively to others.

You're not great with grammar.

You might be better at talking than writing. Or maybe you need someone to polish your words.

You're trying to make an impact.

You need someone reliable who can make your business punch above its weight.

Let's fix all that.

I help you create content and improve the online visibility of your business on LinkedIn and through your website.

Holly Christie

Web designer

This Demanding Life

I first came across John on LinkedIn and he wasn’t joking when he used the words ‘relentlessly helpful’ in relation to his attitude to work. Not only is John relentlessly helpful, he is also a veritable mine of information.

The “why” behind this business.

When I worked at an office, I used to be the guy answering everyone’s questions:

I’d explain how stuff worked so that anyone would get it. I was a natural teacher.

John blue green ring small

In 2009, I went solo and became an independent technical copywriter.

B2B clients hire me to explain how their products, services and processes work. This includes:

🔘 web pages

🔘 blogs & articles

🔘 case studies

🔘 LinkedIn profiles

I work remotely with clients around the world from my home office in Newport, South Wales, UK.

Are you a one-person business?

Yes! Zero office politics at Espirian Towers. 

I can make my tea with two teabags and no one can tell me off.

My corporate org chart:

John blue green ring small


Labcoat 1







Upside down


Labcoat 2


I’m also employee of the month (again).

Say hi to BitmoJohn.

BitmoJohn is my cartoon alter ego. I use him as part of my visual branding.

He’s a younger, slimmer and better-at-football version of me.

(I’m not artistic. I used the free Bitmoji service to create him.)

Why “relentlessly helpful”?

Here’s the moment I created the core of my brand identity:

That moment was the trigger for defining the rest of my brand.

I call this Content DNA – the “shape” of my business.

My Content DNA is made up of these building blocks:

BitmoJohn reading Content DNA

Teacher not preacher.

I write simple explanations of how stuff works.

I don’t pretend to know it all. I don’t make others feel inadequate.

Cheeky geek

Cheeky geek.

I like to have fun with my content. I think it’s more engaging that way, too.

It would suck if my gravestone read “boring sad-sack”. And think of the poor SEO there – terrible.

Attitude of gratitude

Attitude of gratitude.

I enjoy thanking and including others in my content. I look for ways to collaborate with and promote others.

I’m fortunate to know lots of talented people and want to share their value with my audience.

Eager experimenter

Eager experimenter.

I’m an inveterate poker and fiddler – a constant “what does that button do?” sort of person.

I enjoy testing things (especially on LinkedIn) to see how they work. And I love sharing the results of my nerdy experiments. 

BitmoJohn tick

Relentlessly helpful.

If I’ve got a good tip to share, I’m sharing it. I don’t hold back information. When people ask questions, I provide amazing answers.

“Relentlessly helpful” is the essential element of my whole brand.

That's a weird name.

Yup, I’m British but have an Armenian surname.

Espirian = Ess-pih-ree-un

What people say about me.

Professional stuff.

Personal stuff.

More personal things:
19 truths and 1 lie
How I lost weight

Tony Cooper

Senior eCare Manager

Virgin Media

Thanks for all your hard work John.

This was a very complex piece of work and I think you’ve done a fantastic job.

Chris Plumbley

Senior Project Manager

I had the pleasure of working with John when making changes to our customer facing pages, specifically relating to a new product.

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