About John Espirian

I’m John, the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter.

You can hire me to write in-depth B2B content that explains how your products, services and processes work.

My writing saves you time and reduces your support costs.

John Espirian

I’m trying to put more heart, humour and helpfulness into this world.
My book is Content DNA.

Do you recognise any of these problems?

BitmoJohn busy

You’re too busy to write

You and your team don’t have the hours needed to create website and blog content to promote your business.

BitmoJohn magnifying glass

You’re too close to your own business

You’re so close to your day-to-day work that you can’t explain it objectively to others.

BitmoJohn autocorrect

You’re not the best writer

Perhaps English isn’t your strong suit.

Or maybe you’d be better explaining it face to face.

BitmoJohn Rocket

You want to reach a new level

You feel held back but know you want to stand out from the crowd.

You have the budget – you just need someone you can trust to make your business look great.

My answer to all those problems

Stop trying to do all your own writing. Hand off the task to someone who does this work all day, every day.

My technical writing service is about creating content that turns “what the heck?” into “ah, I get it”.

While I write content that helps you win, you get on with running your business.

Sound good? Drop me a line and let’s talk: support *at* espirian.co.uk.

The “why” behind this business

When I worked in an office, I was the guy with the longest queue of people at my desk.

  • “How does this work?”
  • “What does this mean?
  • “Why is this error message coming up?

My special skill was being able to explain how things work in a way that was easy to understand.

  • “Ohhh, RIGHT! I get it now. Thanks, John!”

Those “aha!” moments were the highlights of my working day. Showing people how stuff works gave me satisfaction – I was a natural explainer.

I started my technical copywriting business a couple of months after my daughter was born, in 2009, when I was made redundant and couldn’t get an interview much less a job. I was lucky with redundancy, really. I’d never have had the guts to make the jump otherwise. More than a decade later, it’s worked out well for me.

Now I specialise in helping business owners to explain how their products, services and processes work. That involves writing website pages, how-to articles and other B2B content.

I work from my home office in Newport (near Cardiff, South Wales). Most of my clients are UK businesses, but because I work remotely rather than on site, I’m able to take on projects from all over the world.

Holly Christie

Holly Christie
Web designer
This Demanding Life

I first came across John on LinkedIn and he wasn’t joking when he used the words ‘relentlessly helpful’ in relation to his attitude to work. Not only is John relentlessly helpful, he is also a veritable mine of information.

His work is meticulous, everything he writes is clear, concise and easy to understand. Working alongside John has been a joy. His main goal is to get the best out of the work we do. John is full of expert tips, advice and his refreshing attitude to sharing practise via his espresso emails has been amazing, especially as I’ve gone from start-up to established business.

As a website designer I was surprised by how much technical expertise John has at both the technical side of websites and plugins to get the most out of our sites. John’s sense of humour and practical approach to work makes him a joy to work with.

Do you outsource any of your writing?

No. Check out the org chart:

Fun organisational chart

I’m also employee of the month (again).

Why “relentlessly helpful”?

Here’s the moment I created my brand identity:

(Read the full story here.)

Say hi to BitmoJohn

As you look through my content, you’ll come across BitmoJohn. He’s a cartoon I use as part of my visual branding.

Meet my alter ego, BitmoJohn

Meet my alter ego, BitmoJohn

He’s a younger, slimmer and better-at-football version of me.

Professional stuff

  • Former software tester and quality assurance manager
  • Microsoft Mac Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Consumer Macintosh 2003–2007
  • Whitefox Unsung Hero of Publishing 2016
  • Internet Director of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) 2013–2018
  • Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) Advanced Professional Member
  • Pro Member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network (PCN)
  • Feedspot Top 100 Freelancer Blogger
  • Social Media Examiner Contributor
  • Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver, InDesign and Photoshop
  • Guest blogs and interviews
  • Guest podcasts

Personal stuff

  • I’m a dad, husband and a half-decent chef.
  • I’m a big Liverpool FC fan.
  • I was my school’s mental arithmetic champion.
  • I was my university’s best darts player.
  • I love cheese and onion Pringles.
  • I’ll make you cry if we play Scrabble.
  • I sold my soul to Apple in 1999. It feels good.
  • My comedy heroes are Ricky Gervais, Will Ferrell and John C Reilly.
Tony Cooper

Tony Cooper
Senior eCare Manager
Virgin Media

Thanks for all your hard work John.

This was a very complex piece of work and I think you've done a fantastic job.

Chris Plumbley

Chris Plumbley
Senior Project Manager

I had the pleasure of working with John when making changes to our customer facing pages, specifically relating to a new product.

John's ability to understand the product, the impact of the changes and come up with creative solutions to convey our message was first class.

He's a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

Get in touch

Drop me a line at support *at* espirian.co.uk. I’m here to help.

#relentless ✊🏻

John Espirian

John Espirian

I'm a content writer for B2B websites. I explain how products, services and processes work, to help you build trust and authority with your customers.

I also help business owners do better on LinkedIn.

My book is Content DNA.

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