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Almost every business has a website but few business owners have the time, energy or skill to write content that represents them well online. What’s the result? A website that doesn’t do a good job of appealing to its intended audience.

Companies who don’t have dedicated marketing departments hire writing professionals like me to help them get their message across in clear, simple and persuasive language.

Allied Aerosystems

Phillip Ashurst
Managing Director
Allied Aerosystems

Thanks, John, for your excellent work on proofreading our website.

Your integrated approach and feedback embraced the entire site and our intentions while also picking up the minor details.

Very thorough, professional and of the highest standards.

An example of web content for PRP

Here is an example of web content written for a website refresh for PRP Polymer Engineering. This Hereford-based company specialises in producing plastic-injection moulded parts as a viable alternative to natural rubber.

The old website was in need of a revitalisation, so I was commissioned to create a new site structure and to write the content for each page.


PRP homepage

A new homepage would focus on the key value proposition offered by the client, giving the audience a clear understanding of the service and an easy way to enquire about orders.

The process of plastic-injection moulding was explained, to demonstrate PRP’s expertise in this specialist field.

Even when a client knows what they want from a service provider, explanations like this help to build trust and show authority.


Plastic-injection moulding explained


The PRP process

The step-by-step manufacturing process was documented so that the company could show its commitment to quality and standardisation.

Again, this is a great way to appeal to clients who want to know what they’re getting for their money.

Another way to showcase the company’s experience and understanding of its craft was to document the pros and cons of each material used to make parts in the factory.

This transparency gives clients reassurance that they’re dealing with a company that wants to deliver the best product for their needs.


Pros and cons of materials

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Tracey Tait

Tracey Tait
Chatty, Tea-loving Content Marketer

John reviewed the copy on my website as I didn't think what I had written was cutting the mustard. I know I can struggle with what to say clearly and simply on my site and know I needed a pair of eyes that could see what I couldn't.

John provided me with documents showing my original copy along with his amendments, suggestions as well as sharing feedback as to why he'd made the changes.

Not only did his comments and feedback make perfect sense and improve my copy so much, they also helped me to think more about the copy I'll create in future for my website.