Write a user guide to help your customers and your support team

⚡️ Newsflash: user manuals and setup instructions aren’t dead yet!

A lot of my clients deal in niche products and services that still need to be explained to end users, and a good way to do that is through the creation of an online user guide.

Technical writers use many different tools to build their user guides, and my favourite is Madcap Flare. It lets me produce attractive, searchable online help content.

Here’s a sample page from a test version of one of my guides. Try building one of these in Microsoft Word (it won’t work).

User guide sample

User guide sample

What you get with a professionally created user guide

  • 🔍 Branded: visuals can include your logo, fonts and colour scheme
  • 🔍 Searchable: find answers quickly
  • 🔍 Optimised: works well on desktop and mobile
  • 🔍 Multi-format: can be viewed on the web and as a PDF
  • 🔍 Relevant: multiple versions can be created to show or hide certain parts of the content from different users
  • 🔍 Translation-friendly: content is straightforward to translate into other languages

Let me help you

Get rid of the stress of creating your own setup instructions by hiring me to write your user guides for you.

Drop me a line and let’s have a chat: support *at* espirian.co.uk

Thanks for reading,

John Espirian