Screencast portfolio.

Written instructions don’t suit everyone: step-by-step video tutorials are often a more effective way of appealing to your audience.

Here are some examples of my screencasts.

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About Social Jukebox

Running time: 0m 59s

Editing your SfEP Directory entry

Running time: 6m 13s

Embedding a full-width video on your website

Running time: 2m 36s

How to leave a podcast review in iOS

Running time: 0m 45s · View blog post

How to leave a podcast review in iTunes

Running time: 1m 13s · View blog post

10 tips for handling your first proofreading job

Running time: 3m 29s · View blog post

Navigate via Mac window title menu

Running time: 0m 19s · View blog post

Adding a folder image icon

Running time: 0m 25s · View blog post

Checking typefaces on websites

Running time: 0m 29s · View blog post

Introduction to screencasts

Running time: 4m 26s · View blog post

Introduction to Espirian

Running time: 1m 41s · View page

Windows options for Mac users

Running time: 5m 21s · View blog post

Reduce Mac display transparency

Running time: 1m 44s · View blog post

Secret Mac toolbar shortcut

Running time: 1m 51s · View blog post

Speaking text on your Mac

Running time: 0m 53s · View blog post

About copy-editing and proofreading

Running time: 3m 5s · View blog post

Optimising web images

Running time: 2m 4s · View blog post

Setting up a website with WordPress

Running time: 8m 43s · View blog post

Setting up a website with Squarespace

Running time: 4m 22s · View blog post

Setting up a website with Weebly

Running time: 6m 55s · View blog post

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