MicroMacTips 8

MicroMacTips part 8

Here’s another batch of 5 quick and easy #MicroMacTips to help you get to grips with your cool Apple tech.

1. Minimise the Dock

The Dock is the strip of icons usually found at the bottom of the screen. If you need a bit more space, you can hide the Dock when you’re not using it.

Press Cmd-Alt-D and the Dock will disappear. Move the pointer to the bottom of the screen and it will magically reappear and then disappear again when you move the pointer away. This is how I always have my Dock set up – I think it’s cleaner this way.

2. Move the Dock to the side of the screen

If you don’t want the Dock to appear at the bottom of the screen, right-click the line (near the far right of the Dock) that divides the application icons from the document icons, then go to Position on Screen and select an option.

Dock positioning

Cool people seem to push the Dock off to the left or right of the screen. Or perhaps they’re just fiddlers who won’t settle for Apple’s default settings. I try not to judge.

3. Jump to any page in a Word document

If you’re in Word and know the page you want to go to:

  1. Press Fn-F5
  2. Type the page number
  3. Press Enter

Jump to any page in Word for Mac

This feature is part of the Find and Replace dialog box, which stays open after the page jumping happens. If you’re likely to hop around a lot, you might want to leave this panel open.

4. Change the desktop background

The System Preferences lets you change the desktop background. A quicker way to get to the relevant screen is simply to right-click the desktop and click Change Desktop Background….

Change Desktop Background

You can then choose a background image or colour.

Change Desktop Background panel in System Preferences

5. Get system information

Find out more about your system by holding down the Alt key while clicking the Apple menu, then clicking System Information….

Apple | System Information menu

The window that opens next will have lots of useful info about your system.

System Information panel

Over to you

Do you have any Mac annoyances that you’d like to see a tip for? Or any tips of your own to share? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or catch up with me on Twitter, remembering to use the hashtag #MicroMacTips.

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