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MicroMacTips part 7

You should know the score by now. No messing around, just 5 solid tips to make you a better Mac user.

Ready? Let’s do it.

1. Close All and Save All in Word 2011

Hold down the Shift key before clicking the File menu in Word for Mac 2011 and you’ll see options to Close All and Save All documents.

For some reason, Microsoft removed this useful feature from Word for Mac 2016. Great job, guys!

2. Check image dimensions

To find out the width and height of a photo or other image, click the file and press Cmd-I. The dimensions are shown in the More info section.

The example below shows this photo is 3003 pixels wide and 2649 pixels high.

The dimensions are relatively big here. Note that larger files take up more disk space on your computer.

3. Adjust image size

To change the dimensions of an image, double-click it to open the file in Preview. Then go to Tools | Adjust Size… to adjust the figures for width and height. Make a backup copy of the file first, as Preview will try to save the changes automatically.

Leave the Scale proportionally box ticked to preserve the aspect ratio of the image.

Vanity tip for pretending to be thinner

Untick the Scale proportionally box and reduce the width slightly. Instant weight loss! This won’t fool anyone, of course, but it might make you feel better for a few seconds.

4. Optimise your images

I’ve written a post about optimising images, which focuses on making file sizes smaller so that they would load more quickly when displayed on websites.

But you could do the same even if you never plan on sharing the images on the web. Why? Because doing so means the files will take up less space on your machine, giving you more room for other stuff.

Check out the 2-minute video in this post: Optimising web images

5. View and set display options in the Finder

Press Cmd-J in any Finder window to view and set display options for the current folder.

Over to you

Do you have any Mac tips to share? Leave a comment below or tweet with the hashtag #MicroMacTips. Any useful advice will be shared in the next post.

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