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MicroMacTips part 2

In this post, John Espirian provides another instalment of MicroMacTips: quick and simple advice for using your Mac more efficiently.

I hope you enjoyed MicroMacTips part 1. Here are another 5 tips to speed up your day.

1. Jump between words

I’m sure we all use the arrow keys to move the cursor around our text documents. But did you know that there’s a quick way to hop between words?

Press Alt-left arrow to move left by one word.

Press Alt-right arrow to move right by one word.

2. Jump to start or end of a line

Use this combination to jump to the beginning or the end of a line of text.

Press Cmd-left arrow to move to the start of the line.

Press Cmd-right arrow to move to the end of the line.

3. Jump to start or end of a document

Do you ever need ‘Home’ and ‘End’ keyboard equivalents when editing in Microsoft Word? Try these combinations to jump to the start or end of an entire document:

Press Fn-Cmd-left arrow to move to the start of the document (‘Home’).

Press Fn-Cmd-right arrow to move to the end of the document (‘End’).

Bonus tip: when browsing a website, the key combination is simpler. Press Fn-left arrow or Fn-right arrow to jump to the top or bottom of the page respectively.

4. Add an emoji quickly

Don’t go hunting for emojis while typing: press Ctrl-Cmd-Space to bring up the Emoji section of the Characters panel.

Double-click the emoji you want and it will be inserted wherever the cursor is. Simple.

5. Make the mouse pointer more visible

If you use macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer, shake your mouse to temporarily make the pointer grow to several times its normal size.

This tip is useful if you have a large screen and sometimes can’t see the pointer after you wake the machine from sleep.

Do you have any MicroMacTips to share?

If you’ve got any quick and simple Mac tips to share, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Or you can catch up with me on Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MicroMacTips.

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