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MicroMacTips 10

Here are the final 5 tips in my #MicroMacTips series. This set of tips focuses on useful browsing features in the iOS version of Safari.

1. Split view browsing in mobile Safari (iPad only)

Tap and hold a link, then tap Open in Split View to divide the Safari screen into two halves.

The result looks like this:

Once in Split View, tap and hold another link to see the Open on Other Side option.

2. Close all tabs in mobile Safari

Tap and hold the tab icon, then tap Close X Tabs to close all open tabs. There’s also an option to open a new tab.

If you’re in Split View (see tip 1), tapping and holding the tab button gives you an option to merge all tabs.

3. Re-open closed tabs in mobile Safari

Tap and hold the plus icon to see a list of recently closed tabs. Tap a tab to re-open it.

4. Add a bookmark in mobile Safari

Tap and hold the page icon, then tap Add Bookmark to save the current page to your bookmarks.

You can also use this menu to add pages to a Reading List – useful as a holding place for content you want to read later but that you might not want to bookmark in the long term.

Tapping the page icon lets you choose to switch between Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links (which I never bother with).

5. Request desktop site in mobile Safari

Tap and hold the refresh icon, then tap Request Desktop Site to see the standard desktop version of the site. This is useful if you know that some features of the website are available only on larger screens. (Be prepared for a bit of pinching and zooming to find the feature you’re after.)

That’s it!

I started MicroMacTips as a bit of fun on Twitter, but ended up writing 50 tips across this 10-part series. Did you enjoy it? What’s the most useful tip you’ve learned? Was there anything I should have covered but missed? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or catch up with me on Twitter, remembering to use the hashtag #MicroMacTips.

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