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LinkedIn advanced tips

You’ve read all the basic advice about using LinkedIn. You know you need to fill out your profile, write an engaging headline and add a good-quality headshot. Blah blah blah.

Now you want to move on and see some more practical tips for using LinkedIn. Good, you’re in the right place 👍🏻

Check out some of the most popular how-to posts from my LinkedIn feed.

🆓 Bonus

All of these tips work on the free version of LinkedIn.

How to customise your LinkedIn profile URL

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How to view who has shared your LinkedIn posts

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How to copy links to LinkedIn comments

How to copy links to LinkedIn posts on iOS

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How to find tagged and untagged mentions of your name on LinkedIn

Update: see this change made on 31 January 2018:

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How to embed LinkedIn posts in your blog

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How to tag someone on LinkedIn by first name only

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How to check the age of your Linkedin account

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How to use desktop LinkedIn on mobile

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How to mute busy posts from your feed

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How to view your LinkedIn followers

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How to search for freelance work on LinkedIn

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How to write and share a LinkedIn company post

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How to turn off address book import reminders on LinkedIn

🚨 UPDATE: 1 March 2018

LinkedIn is no longer displaying this option in my settings. I hope this is just a temporary issue rather than a change in policy.

If you’re prompted to import your address book, don’t do it!

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🚨 UPDATE: 28 March 2018
LinkedIn is changing the way profiles look. The profile photo is moving to the left of the page, so if your background banner has important information there, you’ll need to tweak it.

Here’s a preview of the new style of profiles:

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How to display LinkedIn comments in chronological order

Follow this tip to order comments by date rather than by what LinkedIn thinks you should see first. Sadly, you can’t make this setting permanent.

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How to turn off video autoplay on LinkedIn

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How to add SRT captions on LinkedIn native videos

When you upload a video to LinkedIn, look for the pen icon in the top-right corner.

This lets you add captions that have been created as SRT files.

If you need to create such captions, try a service such as Rev, which creates video captions for $1/minute.

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How to manage LinkedIn notification settings

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How to follow custom LinkedIn hashtags

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How to send an audio message on LinkedIn mobile

This feature was released in late July 2018. The Messaging tab allows you to record up to 60 seconds of audio and send it via the LinkedIn mobile app.

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How to protect your LinkedIn account with two-step verification

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How to change your LinkedIn profile URL

Your default profile URL on LinkedIn will end in a string of letters and numbers. You can change it via the panel in the top-right corner of this screen:

It’s good for your personal brand to use the same names, usernames and social media handles everywhere.

After you change your LinkedIn profile URL, the old ‘ugly’ URL will still work – so any profile links you’ve shared in the past won’t suddenly stop working.

Change your LinkedIn profile URL

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