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All my LinkedIn tips are practical & tactical. I’ve based these on the best practice I’ve learned from LinkedIn trainers and on my own experiments. And everything here works on a free LinkedIn account.

Follow the advice to build a better LinkedIn presence, attract clients and understand how the algorithm works. Speaking of which, we’re up against this guy:

Emoji robot

The Algorithm
Chilling out
LinkedIn Learner Lounge

Never you will find out my secrets! Mu-ha-ha!

But listen to blue man. He help you keep try.

OK, let’s see what secrets we can discover.

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John Espirian freelance technical copywriter

I'm John Espirian, the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter. I've written about IT and the web since 1998, and I'm a former Microsoft MVP. If you need B2B web content that explains how your products, services and processes work, I'm your guy.

The Espirian blog provides writing tips and how-to guides on improving your online presence and marketing your business.

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