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How to get freelance work on LinkedIn

I use LinkedIn to find new clients for my technical copywriting business, and I believe the same process should work for any service provider.

Finding clients using the LinkedIn mobile app

Make sure you have the LinkedIn mobile app installed on your phone or tablet, as this process includes a step that isn’t currently supported in the desktop version of LinkedIn.


The following screens use the example of looking for a copywriter. Change this to match whichever service you provide.

  1. In the LinkedIn mobile app, use the search bar to look for one of the following phrases:
    • Looking for a copywriter
    • Recommend copywriter
  2. At the top of the search results page, tap Content.
  3. In the top-right corner, tap Filters.

After searching, tap Content and then Filters

  1. Tap options to filter the results. I recommend the following filters:
    • Date posted: Past 24 hours
    • Sort by: Latest
  2. Tap Done to return to the search results.

Select search filters and then tap Done

You’ll now see a filtered view of the search results, with the most recent post shown first.

Remember that the search filters in step 4 above are available only via the LinkedIn mobile app.

Use the LinkedIn mobile app to access the search filter screen

How to approach potential clients on LinkedIn

Once you’ve got the search results of people looking for your service, you need to decide how to approach them. Here are a few options:

Let’s wrap up

This is a quick and simple method for using the LinkedIn mobile app to find new clients who need your services. Include this check in your daily work routine and you’ll have a good chance of picking up jobs and building your network.

I’m always interested in learning new tips and techniques for using LinkedIn. Got any killer advice? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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