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Your essential web content reviewed and improved for £899.

Can't afford to rewrite all your content?

Getting your mission-critical content right could lead to thousands of pounds of new business. Getting it wrong could mean missing out altogether.

Use my 5-page Copy Fix to improve your most valuable content for only £899.

Maitén Panella Branding, communications & digital marketing

John added value with every suggestion, sometimes changing the cadence of the sentences to get maximum impact, other times looking for consistencies and order.

I highly recommend his Copy Fix to anyone looking for excellence and, naturally, more business.

Tracey Tait
Chatty, Tea-loving Content Marketer


John’s Copy Fix showed me what I couldn’t see on my website. The comments and feedback made perfect sense and improved my copy so much.

The process has helped me think more about the copy I’ll create in future for my website.

What is Copy Fix?

Copy Fix is an editorial review and editing service for the most important written content on your website. 

Here’s what you get:

​Private recorded video review.

I create a screen recording of my browser as I review your nominated web pages. As I review each page, I suggest which parts of the text need to change.

Once the recording is complete, you get an email containing a password-protected link to the video.

Video recordings usually last 15 minutes and you get lifetime access to the content.

Fully tracked editing in MS Word.

I copy the source text from your website to MS Word. Then I turn on Track Changes and start my edits.

You get a set of fully tracked documents so that you can compare the original text with my suggested wording changes.

You also get a “clean” version of the edited documents, so you can copy the revised text to your website.

I’m a former director of what is now the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

Up to 5 pages totalling 3000 words.

I’lI ask you to nominate up to 5 pages that contain a total of 3000 words across all those pages. 

For example:

🔘 Homepage: where you want to make a good impression and set the right tone.

🔘 About page: where you want to build trust and show personality.

🔘 Service pages: where you want to encourage action and sell your core offering.

Comment snippets from my Copy Fix reviews:

When we have trust, I can be honest – and that’s what leads to the best editorial result.

Think of my feedback like a traffic light system. 

Red: stop and rethink …

Comment red

Amber: pause for a moment …

Comment amber

Green: hit the accelerator!

Comment green

What ISN'T Copy Fix?

Not a design service.

Looks matter but I’m not a designer. And I’m not here to tell you to make your logo bigger. I focus on other things, such as:

🔘 Is your writing clear?

🔘 Is your tone consistent?

🔘 Is your message appealing enough?

Not a full copywriting service.

A full copywriting project involves a lot of work: interviews, research, planning, drafting and editing.

But by focusing on your busiest and most important pages, Copy Fix still delivers an impact at a fraction of the cost.

Not an SEO service.

Well-edited content will help to get your message across, but it’s no guarantee of getting your website to the top of Google.

That said, I’ll do my best to look for natural ways to include terms that you might have missed.

Not an SEO service.

Well-edited content will help to get your message across, but it’s no guarantee of getting your website to the top of Google.

That said, I’ll do my best to look for natural ways to include terms that you might have missed.

Not a guaranteed path to untold riches.

If I could really promise that, I’d be charging more than £899 for this service. Copy Fix raises the standard of the text on your most important pages. It turns “hmmm, not sure about this lot” into “actually, these people seem to know what they’re on about.”

Not an in-person or live consultation.

Copy Fix doesn’t include a live online call or personal consultation session.

However, I do offer a separate 1-to-1 online consultation service. 

You can book this in addition to or instead of Copy Fix.

Kevin Sipma
Chief Technologist & Founder

John went over our new website and gave solid advice on improving our copy. I really feel we will hit the ground running for 2019 and beyond thanks largely to John’s copywriting expertise.

Highly recommending John for those of you who need to improve their technical copywriting for blogs, LinkedIn itself, websites, or technical papers.

Penni Pickering

Penni Pickering

There’s something about writing your own content that makes it tricky. Kabo Creative took up John’s Copy Fix service to make sure our new website was spot on.

Whilst I consider myself perfectly capable of creating quality content, John identified errors in past and present tense that I’d missed entirely. There were a few other errors I’d rather not shout about, but that I’m happy they have been spotted and improved upon.

I found the process, the support, and the confidence in my copy after the service to be extremely valuable. It’s something I’ll be recommending to several of my own clients.

Book your for Copy Fix for £899.

✅ Private recorded video review

✅ Fully tracked content editing

✅ Up to 5 pages / 3000 words

What happens next?

Email me at [email protected] to arrange your Copy Fix.

I’ll invoice you £899 and ask for up to 5 pages that you want me to review.

Levon Antonian
Managing Director

John edited all the text on our site as part of a redesign. He simplified the content and helped us to focus the message we give to our customers.

I am delighted with the result and particularly that the work was delivered in a very speedy, efficient manner within the agreed budget.

Yva Yorston
Founder and director

John kindly undertook a proofreading and editing project for me on a very tight deadline.

He turned around the work in record time, and the amendments and suggestions he made greatly enhanced the quality and readability of the piece.

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