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Trust your copywriter

Trust your copywriter

‘I don’t like how he installed that shower, you know. I’m going to pull out a few tiles and move those pipes around.’

For the most part, those aren’t sentences that you’re likely to hear about a bathroom fitter.

And, in general, that’s true for most classic tradesmen. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, you name it. And it’s also true for people in other professions:

  • Lawyers – ‘These contract restrictions aren’t exhaustive enough. To the library!’
  • Dentists – ‘Let’s redo that root canal. Gloves, please!’
  • Doctors – ‘Well, I really do think the incision ought to go here.’
  • Pilots – ‘This glide slope is sub-optimal. Hand me the controls.’

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2017: the year of being not boring


My old marketing approach was boring as hell. There’s a harsh personal realisation right there.

It didn’t matter how useful or well researched my posts were (and they were), they fell into that boredom trap. Into that I’ve-read-something-like-this-before trap. So, after a bit of soul-searching and a fun chat with my buddies Andrew and Pete, I’ve decided to make some changes to the way I go about these blogs.

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How to personalise LinkedIn mobile invitations

Personalise LinkedIn mobile invitations

I bet you hate receiving LinkedIn connections that haven’t been personalised. I do. Common questions that run through my mind when this happens:

  • 🤔 Why does the other person want to connect?
  • 🤔 Are they just playing a numbers game?
  • 🤔 Are they genuinely interested in me?
  • 🤔 Am I going to be hit with a sales pitch as soon as I accept?

Unless you want to put those same questions into the minds of others, make sure to add a personal message to all of your LinkedIn invitations.
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Pricing: a question of trust

Pricing: A question of trust

I recently posted a simple question on Facebook. It received a lot of replies and so I thought it would be worth investigating on my blog. Here was my query:

Question posted on Facebook

Earnest question: would you, a potential consumer, trust a service provider who didn’t give any indication of their price on their website?

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The Tao of Twitter: an experiment

The Tao of Twitter: an experiment

I’ve worked as an independent technical writer since the end of 2009. I’m fortunate to have a career I enjoy: I get to take part in varied, interesting projects, and the words I write help people get stuff done. That’s all awesome. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to raise my profile. How does one do that?

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