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Document content formats: pros and cons

Document content formats: pros and cons

There are loads of document content formats out there. How do you decide which content format is right for you? Can’t we just do it all in Word?

My clients are often unsure about which document format they should use for their content. It’s one of the first things I ask them to think about when I send them my copywriting briefing questions.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of 4 of the most popular types of content format: HTML, PDF, Word and PowerPoint.

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LinkedIn: how to improve engagement in 2018

LinkedIn improve engagement 2018

What if you could follow a simple set of tips to multiply views of your posts and profile on LinkedIn?

The actionable advice here has helped my LinkedIn profile views and engagement to increase by more than 1600% since the start of 2017.

Date Avg profile views* Avg post views
2017 Jan90100
2018 Jan8001500
2018 Oct18002500
* Total profile views for the previous 90-day period.

Bonus: all of the tips work with the free version of LinkedIn.
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Write like a weightlifter

Write like a weightlifter

Why is good web copywriting like a weightlifter? It sounds like the setup for a rubbish punchline. But you’re not here for comedy (I hope).

No, I’m going to explain by making some comparisons.

It’s time to give flabby writing a punch in the guts.

Web copywriting is like a weightlifter because …

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Social media bad practice

Bad social media practice

I love social media. It’s a great connector of people and a fab way to find new leads for your business. I’ve been an avid fan of LinkedIn and Twitter for the past few years and have learned enough to use the platforms to promote my technical copywriting services.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common to see some bad social media behaviours.

I’m not talking about the obvious stuff such as being racist, sexist or generally loathsome. (You don’t need a blog post to tell you that these are bad things. Behind every profile photo is a real human being. Act accordingly.)

No, this post is more of a mini rant about the logistics of your interactions with your followers and connections.

Here are 8 examples of things you should avoid doing on social media.

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How marketing communities can help businesses grow

How marketing communities can help businesses grow

Do you feel lost in the sea of advice about how to promote your business? How do you know that you’re doing the right things to market yourself online?

These were a couple of the questions I asked myself in 2016 when I was thinking about how to take my business to the next level.

Since that time, I have:

This post is about how two marketing communities have helped me succeed.
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Twitter search advanced guide 2018

Twitter search advanced guide 2018

Whether you’re researching blog ideas, looking for work or just trying to find out what’s going on near you, the advanced features of Twitter search will help you find the content you need.

This post contains tips and filters for getting the best from Twitter search. All the details are below, but if you just need a quick reference list of available filters, here it is:

Twitter search filter Search results
filter:news tweets containing news
filter:links tweets containing links
filter:images tweets containing images
filter:videos tweets containing videos
filter:periscope tweets containing Periscope videos
filter:retweets classic RT retweets or quote tweets
filter:nativeretweets retweets via the retweet button
filter:safe tweets excluding adult content
filter:verified tweets from verified accounts
Nicola Crawford

Nicola Crawford
Marketing PA
Content Marketing Academy

John is the go to guy for all things Twitter.

He is a Twitter genius and a Twitter god at events.

He smashed it at CMA Live 18. Not only is he quick but his tweets capture events perfectly.

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7 ways to increase web traffic in 2018

My website traffic has grown 2.5x in the past year.

More website traffic often means more interest in your products and services. If you want to boost your business in 2018, getting more people to look at your site is one of the goals to aim for. But how?

This post lists 7 reasons for this growth. See how they can help you improve your web presence.

Espirian page view stats 2012–2017

My page view stats 2012–2017

Year Blog posts Page views
2012 0 1171
2013 0 1194
2014 15 4422
2015 10 5822
2016 37 21,838
2017 49 53,580

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LinkedIn advanced tips

LinkedIn advanced tips

You’ve read all the basic advice about using LinkedIn. You know you need to fill out your profile, write an engaging headline and add a good-quality headshot. Blah blah blah.

Now you want to move on and see some more practical tips for using LinkedIn. Good, you’re in the right place 👍🏻

Check out some of the most popular how-to posts from my LinkedIn feed.

🆓 Bonus

All of these tips work on the free version of LinkedIn.

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