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What is my IP address?

What is an IP address anyway? In this post, John Espirian explains what one is and how to find yours.

If you’ve ever had a problem accessing a service on the internet and have then had to seek out help, you might have been asked to supply your IP address. It’s a piece of information I often I have to ask for when helping users to access some of the sites I run.
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How to check whether a site is up or down

It’s usually easy to check a site’s online status. But what you see isn’t always the same as what everyone else does. In this post, John Espirian explains a simple way to check whether a site really is up or down.

Update 2 July 2015: The Down For Everyone Or Just Me website has now moved to

We’ve all been there. You try to access a website but find that it’s not responding. Perhaps it’s not important and so you decide to try again later. Or perhaps it is important and you decide to let someone know there’s a problem.

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Setting up a website

You’ve decided to set up your own website. But how should you go about it? Is it really something you can do by yourself? In this series of posts, John Espirian shows you that setting up a website is easier than you might think.

Colleagues of mine in the Society for Editors and Proofreaders often discuss how best to go about setting up a website. Having been asked to talk about this subject at the SfEP’s 25th annual conference, I thought it would be useful to set out my thoughts here.

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